Today’s portal leads to tomorrow’s special day. What is it about 11 energy that brings us face to face with our dreams and desires? 1 suggests that we have energy, action, power and leadership. And two of those suggest that we also have dreams, visions, and intuition. With the power of 11, we can dream big. What is your most fantastic dream? Let it arrive gently today and then witness how tomorrow activates you in a unique and beautiful way.

December Numerology

Appropriately, the 12th month of the year is, at its best, a time of gathering with loving spirit and higher consciousness. As the Universal 18 month, December reflects back to us our journey with truthfulness and authenticity. While looking at the churning ocean, its beauty and power, I am reminded of our relationships, this year’s theme. Water has immense power, just as we do. When the waves crash together, the power and beauty are intensified. As they part, they are forever changed by the intermixing of energies. So it is with our relationships. So it is for this year. What more do you want to bring into your experience this month? Remembering to be yourself will bring great rewards.

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