January 15, 2014
25 Cancer 58
11:52pm EST / 8:52pm PST

Workers still control the means of production.

I want to take this moment to thank all of you who have been reading my articles. I really appreciate your willingness to consider what I say. I am a born rebel, and while I think that when I write I can make my thoughts comfortable, I know that no matter how you slice it, it is still rebellious. Anarchic, even.

So I thank you for stretching that way, following me across a landscape in which no hierarchy persists.

Astrology, like any belief system, has the tendency to be used to justify hierarchies, especially when applied to the notion of the “higher” self. There are just too many ways to see the human experience as a stumbling block along the way to an awareness outside the body. We all end up outside the body, but for whatever reason, we are in one now. Why rush it?

For me, astrology is about the felt experience of life. And who’s to say if there is any downside to a lifetime of junk food, TV and cigarettes? Illness may be caused by imperfect thought patterns, but what is the mind if not another sense organ? In other words, I can’t judge where your soul wants to go, because I know that it came here. The moral question is simply one of presence – what does that mean to you? Is it something you have to go find? Can you buy it?

So I see the birth chart as a map of what presence feels like for you and how and why you resist it. I look at the astrology of the collective (mundane astrology, the kind of thing I’m doing with these articles), as keying me in to the collective frequency (or felt experience).

In the sense of “structures breaking down” that we’re living, even hierarchies of what constitutes presence must be challenged. You want to be present? Cancel your auto insurance and have a cop follow you down the road. You’ll be right there at the wheel and nowhere else, guaranteed.

So there’s this astrology going on, right now. Pluto squaring Uranus, Neptune and Saturn septiling Pluto, Jupiter and Venus retrograde and stationing direct, Mars stationing retrograde, a big grand cross forming. Yes, it means something. And if you want someone to tell you about how it is taking you towards your higher self, how we’re all transforming into beings of a higher frequency, a higher dimension, blah blah, you better find another writer. Because what I am seeing happening is all about the terrestrial.

Catalyzing events punctuate history. And in every case, the punctuation has been a rebellion of some kind. It would be nice to think that all the outrageous acts of non-acceptance (ooh!) undertaken by the most inspired individuals, the history-makers, are leading us somewhere good. So why are we so passive right now? Why are we willing to watch the formation of totalitarianism?

Well the truth is that many of us are not. There is a rebellion in full-swing at this time and so far it is of course under-reported. The food sovereignty movement, Idle No More, and dozens of other actions are being undertaken, by people willing to expose themselves to an increasingly hostile police state. And yes, I am being very careful in my word choice here, giving full credit to the power of the frequency of my words.

So let us examine the ongoing Pluto/Uranus square for a moment. In any planetary relationship, the conditions of the whole experience of the cycle (from conjunction to opposition and back to conjunction) are set forth in their conjunction. That’s why New Moons are so important. So to really get into the tone of this period in history, you have to go back to their last conjunction, which occurred through the mid-1960s. Remember the streetfighting man? Resistance to the Vietnam war, etc.?

As Richard Tarnas, in Cosmos and Psyche, has so extensively elucidated, aspects between Pluto and Uranus show up coincidentally with rebellion. With re-distributive action in particular. So in the context of the energy of the mid-60s, what does this waxing square have to say about how life feels right now?

Well, you tell me. There is something very unsettled in the air, hey?

What is interesting to me is that what appears to be the most polarized populace in US history has so much common ground. I’m talking about the 99% here (and by using that term, invoking the Occupy movement by way of the North Node entering Libra on February 18th). Left or right, everyone is quite certain that everything anyone of political stature says is, at best, a survival-level sales pitch. And by survival-level, I mean that it is said for the purpose of perpetuating idealogical polarity. As long as we are so divided, we the people are without consensus, and cannot act in unity.

As it happens, the waxing square (faster planet heading away from slower planet) aspect is all about the physical experience of life – I value my waxing squares extremely and hope you value yours. So maybe we could characterize the mid-60s energy as having something to do with an awakening impulse to re-assign hierarchical primacy to nature. And this waxing square period as having to do with the physical experience of the (for the most part) failure so far to achieve that. So the physical experience of nature herself reasserting her primacy has something to do with it. And as well, the fear-based reactions to that reassertion, such as denial of anthropogenic climate change.

And speaking of anthropogenic climate change, ain’t there are a lot of Pluto in Leo Duck Dynasty types out there? Lord have mercy! Parenthetical note: Pluto in Leo is the compulsion towards personal significance, most often in the form of an outrageous denial of collective consequence. Like, private jets and stuff.

But somehow, we gotta love ‘em. Embrace their fears and find what we have in common. Like I like to say, if you break down in the middle of nowhere, the last thing you want is to have a bunch of New Age liberals driving by. Maybe one of them would stop to give you a ride, but what you really want is someone who can (and will) get your car running again.

Who, I mean to say, is demonstrating, rather than defining, human decency?

Put another way, the thing I love about The Hunger Games is that it is such a compelling vision of where our society seems to be headed. And what I love even more is that, at this time, astrologically speaking, the potential for a pre-emptive, relatively peaceful rebellion is very up, very now. But to live in the world you want, you have to see it first.

And what will the catalyzing event be, the one that opens the door for Odonian anarchy? Cake for everyone?

One way or another, it’s happening. For instance, I just read an article about how automobile companies are struggling to overcome the fact that young people are just not driving much. As much as I love my truck, I am also well aware of what an incredibly 20th century notion automobiles are. Why would the first generation to come of age in the 21st century want to have that experience, knowing what they know?

From a timing sense, I think any astrologer will point to April of 2014 as a very actional time. I blithely skimmed the surface of all there is to say about it. Remember Heisenberg and like that.

Besides, this is a Moon article, right? It’s supposed to be an investigation of the Full Moon of January 15th, 2014, at 11:52 PM Eastern Time, when the Sun is in the 26th degree of Capricorn and the Moon is in the 26th degree of Cancer. Well, maybe it was the frequency of the 26 that informed my path through here.

For in your truth sense, your central self if not your higher self, you might just agree with this statement: Angels could give a shit about cool, or higher, or whatever. Full-time, full-throat song in celebration of being alive, more like.

Your dreams are about a changed world. You see the way it could be, and drones aren’t a part of that dream. Can you see the world you’ve always wanted to live in? What will you do, NOW, to take a step that way? April is coming.

District 12 is a nightmare. And so is The Capitol. And what I sense in the Full Moon on the 15th is an opening for We the People to get together and create a vision of a very near-future, very possible world of freedom. There is a common good. It is less extractive, less hierarchical, more cooperative. And we need to see it clearly now, because the opportunity to create it is coming very fast.

So I ask you, in the community spirit of Full Moons, and in the collective frequency of these times, to gather with your community and make plans to reach across idealogical barriers now. They are just another product we consume, and can do without.

The Chandra symbol for the 26th degree of Capricorn, the Sun’s position in this Full Moon, is “A solitary grave in the midst of the cornfield.” In which we see that Death is dead, personal significance is dead, and any body, the story of any life ever lived, feeds life. Especially at this time, if it is the story of someone who becomes fearless. Is creation in the idea, or the act?

May you let go of your pyramid, your elaborate tomb.

May your life nourish the Earth.

In Love,


Now is the time, and you are the one.

Jon Waldrup
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