2017 Sagittarius New Moon

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Monday, December 18, 2017

1:30 am ET, 10:30pm (12/17) PT, 6:30am GT

26 Sagittarius 31

What an interesting Moon passage we just went through! Duality just does not look the same, does it? The Gemini Full Moon showed that the way to use our ability to change our minds is by embracing the act of seeing more than one perspective at the same time. It felt like the scales were falling from our individual and collective vision. This reminded us to stand back a bit and look at events and our responses to them as an observer, thus making it easier to discern what we are really feeling at any one point in time.

On clear nights, when the Moon is visible, the stars seem more distant, outshone, of course by the Moon reflecting the Sun. In cosmic consciousness, the Sun and the Moon represent our spiritual lights—our identification with a fundamental quality of consciousness (the Sun) and how we express ourselves through the mechanism of emotional response (the Moon). On the days leading up to a New Moon, the visibility of the Moon disappears a bit more each night until all we see is a starry array. When the Moon is not visible the stars seem more tangible and interesting, because we cannot see the Moon.


Vincent van Gogh, Starry Night Over the Rhone, C.1888; Musée d’Orsay, Paris


By the time the New Moon arrives, the starry darkness has a familiar feel, inspiring thoughts of wonder and sparking a yearning to know what is “out there.” The intensity of the Full Moon has now dissipated. Leading up to this New Moon we had the annual Geminids Meteor event, seen in both the southern and northern hemispheres. When a shooting star streaks by, it evokes wonder and like a child, the desire to wish on a shooting star. This New Moon provides even more opportunity for this experience because it is in Sagittarius…where we can benefit from the Jupitarian archetypes of expansion, generosity, happiness, and excitement.
We are very used to focusing on the relationships between the Earth, Moon, and Sun. Quaoar’s action with the last Gemini Full Moon gave us a new paradigm for everything, even if we do not yet realize it all. This New Moon at 27 Sagittarius is conjunct the Galactic Center Black Hole. This particular black hole is fundamental to our experience of life here on Earth.  It is at the center of our own galaxy and it is the Source of all we experience.
It is almost as though we can feel the new connections from the Galactic Center through the starry darkness to the New Moon like an umbilical cord providing lifeblood from a mother to a child. As Shelly Leal stated in the December Cosmic Consciousness Monthly, every galaxy has a black hole that created it, and to which everything in that galaxy is eventually returning. While we are not really able to grasp our relationship to the Galactic Center yet, we do know that every physical body in our galaxy receives energy and motion from this black hole. It is worth taking a moment to visualize how a black hole works, so we can take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity this New Moon is providing us to connect to this energy.  
This image is a simulated model of how this works done by the National Institute for Fusion Science in Japan (https://tinyurl.com/ycjhmc2j). In this picture, the dark sphere in the center is the black hole and the yellow oval is where space is being twisted. The red and green tubes represent the magnetic field lines threading this twisting space, and which are in constant motion. In Cosmic Consciousness, magnetism is karma, the forces of cause and effect that make movement possible on Earth. The Sagittarius quality of consciousness gives us the fortitude to recognize and deal with this movement in terms actions, relationships, and ideas that no longer serve us.
Stephanie Azaria has been writing in her Cosmic Consciousness Daily Blog about the planetary events happening this month as a watershed moment, or major turning point. This New Moon is located in the middle of Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Ixion, all of which are in Sagittarius. This planetary array is right next to Quaoar, which just moved into Capricorn. The New Moon in this position serves as the new seeding of connection among these planets, adding poignancy to everything about how we think (Mercury), love (Venus), govern (Saturn), and express our soul’s promise (Ixion), and then to evolve our belief systems (Quaoar).  
Further, Moon is disposed by Jupiter at 15 Scorpio, which is in a grand manifestation with Neptune 12 Pisces and fixed star Sirius at 15 Cancer, which further amplifies the Moon’s influence. Consider this as an expanded opportunity to know that working from a place of emotional wisdom is your birthright.
As well, the Moon is the last planet to meet up with Saturn before Saturn moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn on December 19. This New Moon is a chance to check in with how we feel about our own authentic sense of authority, and how we respond to the authority of others. How do we feel about the authorities that govern our public lives? How do we reflect these feelings through our own actions? What do we really feel capable of changing?  As Derek O’Neill recently wrote:
"Awareness and action on issues, locally and globally, find their roots in collective consciousness. At the end of the day, we are all connected. We cannot separate ourselves from the idea of unity with the rest of the world, in all forms. That said, it’s important to remember that your personal consciousness is where it starts and where your initial focus must be. There are times that the collective consciousness seems to be working against positive outcomes and could be a block for personal growth, that’s when your ability to hold a positive consciousness is most needed. https://tinyurl.com/y7cr7gyy"
The Light bridge connecting unity consciousness (Haumea at 26 Libra) to our ability to wake up to our own individual wisdom (Juno at 26 Aries, Uranus 25 Aries, and Eris at 23 Aries) is wide open and ready for use at all times. It is the best place to access the observer's perspective, because each time we use this bridge, waking up to a wider perspective becomes more natural feeling and less drama ridden.
Finally, remember that the Sagittarius quality of consciousness is all about the recognizing the truth of who we are:  we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. This New Moon is the opportunity to go straight to this Truth, recognize it, and nurture our spirits as we would a beautiful baby. The Winter Solstice on December 21 and the holiday season all month provide images of new birth, giving, being with those we love, and celebrating the start of new cycles. It is like this great image from NASA, dubbed “a Black Holes Choir” (https://tinyurl.com/yaq4azfk).  The blue dots represent galaxies with supermassive black holes, and the other colored dots are galaxies also with black holes. This image, is, of course repeated throughout our universe, and shows we are not alone. Let’s use the Sagittarian energy of this New Moon to make a “joyful noise” with ourselves and each other.


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