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Welcome to February, the 2nd month of an already tumultuous year. February carries the frequency of the ‘2,’ bringing us the feminine energies of compassion, balance, service, diplomacy, receptivity, adaptability, courage, and unconditional love, all the elements of Pisces and some Aquarius too. It resonates with partnerships and relationships of all kinds, including those we have with all parts of our Selves. It can reveal polarities that separate us, or offer ways to build bridges across those differences through awareness, intuition, higher perspective, and heartfelt Love.
The ‘2’ represents duality, polarity, reflection, and balance. Duality is the perception of otherness through which the One can understand itSelf. It is what results when Source energies descend into the 3rd dimension. Duality provides contrast and differentiation; there is no Light without darkness, up without down, and so on. Electricity is the positive Male (yang) principle, and magnetic attraction is the negative Female (yin) principle. Both are necessary for creation. Balance between masculine and feminine energies produces ascension, which brings us back to Source, the Oneness behind everything.
In Cosmic Consciousness, Pisces represents the 2 o’clock hour of Spiritual Wisdom; where we go beyond (imagined) limitations imposed by the ego in order to ultimately realize our unlimited potential, our original Oneness with Source, and our connection to one another. We face the fears and doubts thrown up by the ego’s desire to keep us separate, mastering our Selves in the process; it’s Divine Love activating through us.
It takes spiritual wisdom to remember that we are whole, limitless beings, connected in Oneness. Because we are experiencing the illusion that we are separate and limited through our descent into the 3D realm of physicality, we must act on faith that we are One limitless Being, until we remember. We move from unity consciousness to duality and back into Oneness again in a cosmic dance of compassionate love and forgiveness.

Energies of the Month

There is a lot of Aquarius energy in February, with 6 planets in that sign. We are beginning to resonate with themes that have more to do with Spiritual Love than authority or power. Venus enters that quality of consciousness on 2/1, immediately conjoining Chariklo, which brings stability to our hearts as well as openness and honesty. For most of the month 3 of the 4 personal planets are in Aquarius. We are learning to take down the barriers that prevent us from being seen for who we truly are.

Sun and Moon

As the Sun makes his way through Aquarius he makes a stepping stone with Mars on 2/2, the Aquarius stargate, Groundhog Day in the US. It’s a good day to pay attention to our bodies and our environment for any messages they have to share. The Sun Mercury inferior conjunction marks the midpoint of Mercury’s retrograde cycle, and it occurs on 2/8 resourcing Astraea, possibly bringing some news of the future that includes a woman. The Sun goes on to a new cycle with Pallas, infusing our consciousness with wisdom.
On 2/11 The New Moon in Aquarius occurs, resourcing Eris and manifesting with the fixed star Arcturus. Arcturus speaks to scientific breakthroughs, and Aquarius deals with technology, computers, and electronics. It’s possible for a new invention or technology to be revealed that will shake things up in a positive way, or reveal a truth that will jolt us awake.
Since Aquarius is Uranus’ domain, it’s always good to see what surprises we can uncover. Uranus is in a great eliminator with MakeMake and has been for a while, awakening us to the natural immutable laws that govern us all.
Venus and Jupiter have just come off a new cycle, and their great eliminator with Orcus indicates how to use the expansive power of Love to tap into our immortal Soul, which is behind and connected to everything. Saturn’s resource to Chiron speaks to aligning with our integrity, honesty and authority in our social interactions. Possibilities are endless as the Black Moon Ceres resource reveals a little more of the new world we are now living in. The future is here now.
On 2/18 the Sun enters Pisces, the sign of Spiritual Wisdom, where we learn to master our fears and realize ourselves as truly unlimited beings. Here we explore how we limit ourselves when we put our attention on our fears and not on our strengths. The following day the Sun makes connections with Chariklo and Ixion, adding stability and support to our new collective purpose.
The Full Moon in Virgo occurs at 9 Virgo on 2/27, with Venus near the Sun and Orcus near the Moon. Our hearts are very much involved in this event. The Virgo-Pisces axis is a balance between our capacity to take the wide view or zoom in and take care of the parts that need wholing. The Sun in Pisces allows us to face our doubts and fears and master them, while Moon in Virgo speaks to taking action with emotional wisdom.
Our social structure and integrity is involved in this lunation. Saturn formed a resource (sextile) with Chiron 2/9, and Chiron disposes the Full Moon. This aspect remains in effect, with both planets making great eliminators to the Moon, called a Finger of God. We need to take the high road in healing and expressing our emotions, with the understanding that we are all connected and what hurts one hurts all, and what heals one heals all.
The Mars Sedna new cycle, in stepping stone with Pallas, underscores the importance of the Divine Feminine within as we plant ourselves in new ground. And while Black Moon communes once again with Eris (for the 18th time!), the Ceres Chariklo resource delivers some much needed support for any upheaval that may arise.


Mercury’s entire retrograde occurs in Aquarius, and it’s a sign where he is most comfortable. The theme for Mercury in Aquarius is to remember our common humanity, and to think of solutions to benefit all, and not be part of the problem.
One of Mercury’s first communions was with Pallas on 1/16, and on 2/7 they meet again. Just hours later (2/8) Mercury has his inferior conjunction with the Sun. Wisdom from the divine feminine is a big part of this retrograde cycle, and Pallas’ communions with the Sun and Mercury lend a balance to the co-dispositors of the divine masculine.
As if to underscore that balance, Mercury communes with Venus on 2/13 in Aquarius. It can be seen as a new cycle or a very long communion, since
they will meet again in April and at the end of May, each time in a different sign. In Aquarius, this balance between mind and heart brings Love out in front, allowing us to take down old defenses that prevent us from being seen as we really are. When we love ourSelves unconditionally, we free up more energy to bring more Love into the world.
Mercury conjoined Jupiter last month, and on 2/14 he meets with Jupiter again. Our thinking, connection and communication systems are being expanded, and Mercury Jupiter usually brings good news. This is the 2nd of three communions, and we go within to access the wisdom available to navigate in the social realm.
Mercury concludes his retrograde on 2/20 at 11 Aquarius, upgrading our mental operating systems, ready to bring news of the future. With all solar system planets in direct motion, we are focused on the physical realm and things will move very quickly for the next 2 months.


The dispostitor of our emotional and value systems enters Aquarius on 2/1 and immediately communes with Chariklo in a new cycle. Our feelings turn to Self-Love and finding our inner joy and innocence, stabilizing and supporting our sense of Self as we overcome the barriers to being seen as we truly are.
As Venus travels through the sign of Spiritual Love, she conjoins with Saturn (2/6) and Jupiter (2/11) in new cycles that initiate the heart into the emerging social consciousness. Our values are changing. Venus presides over the emotional body, and Venus Saturn aspects deal with self-esteem and the authority to reclaim our self-worthiness. The expansive Venus Jupiter new cycle lifts the heart to greater consciousness, especially in the social realm. We are entering the time when we see that collaboration is the way to go.
Venus also makes new cycles with the retrograde Mercury (2/13) and Pallas Athena (2/21), who delivers emotional wisdom to our newly emerging social consciousness. On 2/25 Venus enters Pisces, where she thrives and is most resourceful. The energy here is spiritual and conscious, and it is here where we can find limitless Love, and faith in our Selves.


Mars, co-dispositor of our physicality, is traveling through Taurus, one of the most grounded and physical qualities of consciousness. On the 2/2 stargate Mars makes a stepping stone with the Sun, focusing our attention on our bodies and our actions. When we look within, our bodies have messages for us: what is healthy, what feels True, when to rest, etc. When we observe our Selves in the world, we know what actions make us feel good, and what lifts the frequencies for all.
Black Moon communes with Mars twice this month, on 2/7 and 2/15. Black Moon tends to work within, and Mars works on the surface level. They both have a triggering effect. Mars has undergone a transformation from warrior to protector, moved to action through the heart and not the ego. Each Black Moon Mars communion reveals a little more of this shift.
Mars manifests with Pluto on 2/24, bringing up the theme of physical vs. the spiritual self. Can we surrender to the higher Self and allow the divine plan to unfold? Or will we insist on doing things our own way, resisting the signs that point to another course of action? Pluto will have his way with us. This aspect prepares us for the Mars Sedna new cycle, which is part of the energies of the Virgo Full Moon. This is a new beginning in accessing and grounding the high frequencies of the Divine Feminine into our bodies, especially now that Mars has made the shift to being co-dispositor of the divine feminine.

Important Events

Speaking of Sedna, she goes direct on 2/8, after being retrograde for 4 months. Her direct motion signifies the importance of women over the next few months, and how attributes such as allowing things to be as they are, and letting go of past burdens, allow a new expression to emerge. We are more than ready for that.
On 2/9 Saturn resources Chiron, giving us the tools to take responsibility for our own healing and wholing. It’s time to take charge and bring our lower four-body system into balance, aligning our thoughts, feelings and actions with spirit. We are fully into 2021, and a new spark of creation concerning the pandemic, the vaccines, and reemerging into a new way of being is possible. We are building a new foundation, one that takes time.
Juno meets the karmic Earth Star Chakra (S. Node) in a new cycle on 2/15, the midpoint of the month. Juno bridges the Soul Star Chakra (N. Node), signifying the path we take when we see everyone as the same as we are. We are applying unity consciousness to our old patterns, ready to change them so we can evolve into a more unified vibration. Venus resources the Earth Star and manifests with the Soul Star, reflecting the Love that is needed to break free of old patterns and deliver us to the Oneness that we are.
The Saturn Uranus square, the first of three, occurs on 2/17. There will be another in June, and the stepping stone in December. Saturn tends to be more traditional, while Uranus tends to be future oriented. On one level this is the passing of the baton from the old structures to the new. We cannot meet the problems of the future by holding on to the past. We can identify what works and what needs to be replaced. If we follow our hearts and obey our intuition, we will realize that these new structures are much needed, and will bring positive change to us all.
On 2/21 Ceres the nurturer enters Aries, sign of Divine spark of creation. Over the next 3 months Ceres will commune with Salacia, Chiron and Eris as well as the Sun, Venus and Mercury. We are creating the new world as we go, and whatever we realize about our Selves changes the vibration and increases the frequencies of this new world that is coming into being.
Jupiter manifests with the Soul Star and resources the Earth Star on 2/26.  Once again we are looking at the Truth of our karmic social patterns and manifesting a new pattern that is more inclusive and motivated by Love.

Black Moon

Over the last 2 months the Black Moon made forays into Gemini, communing with Sedna 4 times. This month she enters Taurus from Aries on 2/2 but goes retrograde before she can conjoin the Great Record Keeper. Black Moon will spend the next 2 months wrapping up her dance between Aries and Taurus before she turns her attention again to Gemini.
Aries is the sign of Self-realization through the power of the higher mind, and Taurus is where the heart is infused in every thought, through the power of intuition. Through her communions with Mars and Eris, Black Moon has been revealing where we are out of alignment with our actions. Now with Mars in Taurus, Black Moon continues to expose misaligned actions through a different lens, one of heart-based knowing. We will get to understand why we resist following our inner guidance system.
For most of February Black Moon’s journey connects her with Uranus (2/5) and Mars (2/7). She goes retrograde on 2/11 and communes with Mars (#11) and Uranus (#12) again on 2/15 and 2/22 respectively. All these meetings serve to get to the heart of the awakening process, both internally and externally, in the body as well as the mind, planting us in new ground. On 2/24 Black Moon backs into Aries and communes with Eris once again (2/27) for the 18th time. There is still more to be learned from the disruption uncovered, but we are almost done with the lessons. We are learning to hold emotional balance in the midst of great change.
The Mercury retrograde gives us a chance to recalibrate our mental processes, while we feel our way to a new beginning in our social consciousness. The Sun’s entry into Pisces opens us to the unlimited possibilities that await, while we embody our intuition and grow our capacity to act from its direction. After much contraction we are beginning to expand and there is work to be done.
As more awaken to the higher frequencies, there is subsequent push back from the unawakened and those clinging to their waning power. This is energy operating in duality. Energy can’t be destroyed, only shifted, and with such widespread awakening there is much fear behind how to handle the higher vibrations. Some have been in the dark for so long that as the Light beckons, they become even more afraid. Our tasks as Lightworkers is to be aware of the fear or anger within our Selves that arises when we are triggered, overwhelmed or fatigued and give it some Love. Self-Love and self-care are key. We must get in touch with our inner joy. Try asking your Self, “What does my soul want me to know today?” and auto-writing for 5 minutes. The answers may be surprising, comforting, energizing or calming, but they will always be just what you need.
“If you could feel even a particle of Divine Love,
so great would be your joy,
so overpowering,
you could not contain it.”
~Paramahansa Yogananda
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  1. Dear Shelly, so true, and so welcomed – thank you for all you do! “If you could feel even a particle of Divine Love, so great would be your joy, so overpowering,” My wish is that all get to feel that. We could then truly start the unification process.

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