By Denise Byron

Dear Friends,

2014 is THE YEAR for business, health, love, relationships and creative vision to be infused with higher guidance coming from within our own hearts and souls and nurtured by the greater Divine Connection we all have. The vibration of “7” emphasizes positive (and profitable) integration of the material and the mystical in our everyday lives.

The frenzied velocity of our ‘push forward’ culture often demands that we ignore our inner rhythm in the rush to ‘keep up‘. During our most stressful times this can lead to a lack of inspiration, relationship concerns, weariness, and ill health.

During a 7 year, we are given intervals to slow down, go inside and nourish ourselves. We can create our own pace, the one that brings us more vitality and life, more love and joy, and more fulfillment and ease.

My NEW Practical Magic Audio Program weaves the energy of the 7 with the signature energies of each month.

The program provides you with a complete month by month map of 2014. You will receive both mystical insights and tangible suggestions for living at your tempo so that you feel more connected, more alive, and more inspired.

A powerful and supportive navigational tool for your life, the Practical Magic Audio Program poses questions and provides practical suggestions for greater ease, wellness, love, and prosperity.

As a bonus, when you purchase this program you will also have access to 12 monthly Integration Calls that will provide deeper insights through your live questions.

During 2014, it is absolutely vital to allow time for pauses, spaces for retreat and reflection, and create periods of deep inner listening to inform the bigger process of creating better relationships, optimum wellness, greater fulfillment, and generous abundance.

It takes faith to break from the cultural drive and be still. Far from falling behind, you will gather strength from a deep and powerful connection given to you at birth. Taking the time to ask what the priorities are and getting clarity about direction will allow you to move forward with more momentum.

Creating this program has been a delicious adventure of discovery for me. I offer it to you as a way to experience 2014 as magical, restorative, momentous, and powerful.

You can pre-order the Practical Magic audio program for $19.96 (another 7) for the next week by sending me an email. After January 14, this mp3 will be priced at $34.

I feel deeply blessed and grateful. I feel the vastness of what is possible for all of us. I won’t say life is ‘easy’ but I will say that the magic is all around us, waiting to share its gifts that will generate greater ease.

Thank you for being a part of this journey!

Much love and light and laughter to you and yours,


p.s. Here is a copy of the January Meditation Call (always the 1st of each month at 9 am Pacific):

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In January, we are invited to discover how we generate power and authority in our selves and in our lives. The ocean is one of the best examples of January’s 8 energy mixed with the Universal 7 Year. Some days the ocean can be calm with a surface and flat and reflective as a plate of glass. On other days, the waves move with a power that inspires awe. No matter what, the ocean is always moving with its own authority and generating power in varying degrees.

What is your relationship with your personal authority? How do you feel about being more powerful? How do you balance huge waves of movement with more quiet pauses of reflection?