This is a big turn-around week. Jupiter enters his station and turns direct at 6 Gemini, leaving only Ceres retrograde. That will change by the end of the week. In the mean time, Mars and Venus enter new signs and on Sunday Ceres finally pulls into her station to go direct next Monday. This is the last week of major integration of the eclipse wormhole.  We will have sufficiently metabolized our individual and collective wormhole experience that delivered us to the Winter Solstice.  It is nearly time for take off!

Jupiter’s retrograde journey in Gemini has made the illusion of separation more transparent if not downright comical.  Anyone reading these words has had experiences enough of seeing the drama of life play out with a level of healthy detachment that is the foundation for the new 5D experience.  We exist in both dimensions, and we’ve spent the last few weeks intensively learning how to shift our attention to 5D instead of repeatedly being seduced by 3D pain and suffering. Even if we find ourselves in the muck of the drama, we are more aware than ever.  The choice of where we can be (limited or liberated) is front and center. That’s self-realization.

Any planet that moves into a station, whether to go direct or retrograde, takes our full focus.  Jupiter is an archetype of social consciousness and it’s 12 year cycles mark highly significant turning points in our lives.  It’s when you break the mold and your perspective grows beyond your immediate self expanding into the world at large in a new and more truthful way.  Of course in 5D there is no “out there.”  Social consciousness and expansion has more to do with THE great awakening – the realization of your true and infinite Self.  Jupiter in Gemini, sign of the Diamond, is elevating your mental wisdom quotient such that your mind can be the brilliant tools it is, but no longer dominates and leaves the Heart to rule the roost.  It’s not that the monkey mind ever goes away, it’s that heart-consciousness knows better and empowers you to make different choices over the habits of your less conscious past.    Jupiter turning around will lighten things up a bit too.  Maybe we will at last get to laugh our way to full Realization, isn’t that what the Universe really wants?

Mars and Venus will traverse the master degrees of Aquarius and Capricorn.  Master degrees bring tests of mastery.  This is different than a pursuit of perfection, which is fear driven.  Mastery in the signs of spiritual love and spiritual power has more to do with what happens when you honor yourself; what happens when you apply Love to what you do.  (“Love” as in presence…stillness…spaciousness…)  When these two planets move into Pisces and Aquarius, it’s a significant shift.  Mars in Pisces will make us more prone to having the experience of compassion as well as being more attuned to ourselves as energy beings being sensitive to energy around us.  Since the gap of separation is closing, we are feeling the thought forms and emotions of people around us.  It’s the experience of Oneness (I am you and you are me), and it takes some conscious navigation which Mar’s upcoming journey will help with.  Venus is coming on board with all of the other planets in Aquarius.  The ruler of the heart center is helping us get grounded in higher consciousness.

Get read for warp speed.


Monday 28th

The Moon is in Leo for most of the day although for a good 6.5 hrs in the middle of the day it is void of course. That means integration is the primary focus continuing even when the Moon enters Virgo later in the day. The Leo /Aquarius axis that the Moon and Sun are on is the place where the mechanism of Love works to strip away any crutches or conditions you’ve felt were necessary for you to be love and thrive in the world. These experiences function as reminders that an open heart is actually the key to getting what you want, leading you toward being who you came here to be. Inside the void, two connections take place that act to unify the masculine and feminine within, Mercury parallels Vesta and Pallas conjuncts Uranus. Great inner strides can be made to liberate you from lack to abundance, just put your focus on the positive and count your blessings.

Tuesday 29th

The Virgo Moon inspires wellness and can help you access unconscious emotional needs that requre realignment. You can be practical about it today by continuing from yesterday the practice of placing a positive value on what you are going through moment by moment. That’s emotional wisdom – putting into action what you know is right intuitively. Empowerment comes today from seeking and finding your mastery. If you are triggered by anxiety or not listening to the messages of your body, then that’s a blatant message to get centered in your heart and refocus yourself. The Sun makes an exact trine with Vesta, who is the apex of a finger of god with Saturn and Pluto. She and Jupiter have been sharing this focus for many weeks. Jupiter enters his station today as well, trined by the Sun too. The new order is palpable and in plain sight!

Wednesday 30th

Jupiter stations and turns direct this morning as the Sun rises on the east coast. It’s no mistake this happens with the Moon in Virgo, the quality of consciousness that has lately stirred our ancient memories of the true and rightful place of the Divine Mother. Our capacity to be balanced energetically with right relationship between the masculine/feminine has never been more available than now. Recognition is the keyword of the day. The Jupiter station recalls the wormhole passage that delivered us to the Winter Solstice last month. We have integrated that experience and are now ready to see it be fully expressed in our lives. The next few weeks will be ground breaking.

Thursday 31st

The Moon is in Libra all day activating a lot of trine aspects making this day feel quite creative and flowing compared to the last few days. The main purpose of a grand air trine is to manifest higher consciousness. You may feel this more than ever today. Jupiter has stationed direct in Gemini, leaving Ceres the only retrograde planet. Retrograde cycles give us unprecedented access to our inner-dimensions, so when we come out of them we are transformed and the world looks different because we’ve changed so much. There is a clear choice to move into mastery today. Don’t seek comfort and the familiar; choose to go beyond what you know – you will because you’ve changed!

Friday 1st

The rulers of the physical plain and the heart connection spend the majority of the day at the 29th degree of the sign they are in – Mars in Aquarius, Venus in Capricorn. Later this evening both planets will move into new signs, but until then you are bound to encounter master lessons that expand your experience in 5D. Following your hearts desire has new significance and your experience of Oneness and synchronicity is happening with regularity, especially when you are in observer mode. With the Moon in Libra the observer perspective is especially available to you today.

Saturday 2nd

Mars and Venus are in new signs, Pisces and Aquarius respectively. Venus has come on board with the Sun and Mercury, resonating in the sign of spiritual love. Mars in Pisces changes our physical experience such that our expanded experience of love now allows for the experience of limitlessness. Don’t be alarmed it this feels a bit unsettling. Definition often makes us feel safe and the lack of definition that Mars in Pisces can trigger breeds uncertainty. The Moon moves into Scorpio early in the morning adding to the emotionality of the day. Do your best to not identify with your feelings, let what you feel be. Don’t be too hard on yourself and have faith in the bigger picture unfolding in your life.

Sunday 3rd

The Moon is in Scorpio and the last retrograding planet, Ceres, is pulling into her station to go direct. There is no void of course phase, but this is the kind of day that brings up expressions like “still waters run deep.” Venus makes a subtle aspect to Neptune as well, conjuring intimacy and a spiritual closeness had by being still. Saturn’s journey through Scorpio this past year has delivered many lessons of empowerment and how to wield your emotional power to produce the experience you desire. Apply all that you’ve learned today and you will be closer to realizing how adept you really are at manifesting.

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