Mindset is everything isn’t it? That’s exactly what we’re about to delve into in depth as all of the personal planets start to move into Aries. Mercury won’t get there for a while. He, having just stationed direct, is back in the early degrees of Pisces punctuating our last few weeks exploring that consciousness. As Mercury retraces his steps in the ocean of infinite possibility, we will be also dealing with the other personal planets traversing Uranus in Aries.

Mindset is everything. Uranium energy is electric. This is a big week of change, surprise, awakening, and all around purposeful disruption. Everybody say Yay! We did not come here to slumber through life. We came here to Awake and remember the light that we are. Use your awareness, use your focused intent, use your heart-centering tools to embrace change. Uranus rules the sign Aquarius and we are having our worlds blown open such that we can, by virtue of vibrating at a higher frequency, bear witness to previously unknown aspects of ourselves and our world.

With a mind set on the purposefulness of every experience you are having you open yourself up to the unexpected and the makings of magic, serendipity, conscious creation, and delight. Even in the face of pain, which is unavoidable, you will suffer less when you remember that there is purpose to the disruption that ignited the pain.

All you have to do is open and set your course to Be in the Love vibration.

Simple? Yes. Elusive? Used to be. Take the week in stride. Don’t get ahead of yourself and breath deeply.


Monday 18th

Mercury has stationed direct, and so the inner journey you’ve been on for the last 3 weeks will now start expressing itself outwardly. You have unlocked some hardwired limiting beliefs and consequently have recognized aspects of yourself previously unknown to you. Today the Moon is in Mercury’s sign, Gemini. It is a Mercurial day. In the highest sense, this means your mentality could be empowered, clear and present to your versatility. Gemini is all about wisdom in action. If you are not centered, you could start feeling overwhelmed by all of those projects that got put to the side during the retrograde who suddenly are demanding your attention. Either way, you are now equipped with something newly reclaimed, the truth that you are capable of anything you put your focus to.

Tuesday 19th

The Sun spends its last day in the oceanic limitlessness of Pisces and the Moon travels from mental Gemini into emotional Cancer midday. You can count on this day being emotional. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be crying at the drop of a hat, but it does mean that something about the way energy moves through you is of significance today. E-motion or energy-in-motion is a 5D experience of feelings. It’s all about allowing yourself (and others) to feel what you feel without judgment. Mercury and Mars make a subtle connection, too, that connotes a kind of harmonious intimacy between how your mind and body relate. This is important new territory. We are now more aware than ever of the interconnectedness of all your subtle energy bodies. As the Sun starts to cross into Aries, consider that you are yourself crossing a threshold of newly awakened (birthed) identity.

Wednesday 20th

The Cancer Moon activates a grand water trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Mercury/Chiron in Pisces. It’s a gift, really and a moment of recognition. Saturn has been trining the planets in early Pisces for a number of days, but the Moon’s participation can give us more immediate access to Saturn’s lessons in alchemy. Decisions need to be made, even though it may feel early to be so decisive, so go with your instincts and the heart-based choice. Continue to direct your focus away from an insecure way of being to one where you are empowered by allowing yourself to be in the flow of things. If anything, just focus on keeping your vibration high and in the frequency of love. Happy Spring!

Thursday 21st

Venus spends most of the day traversing the last degree of Pisces before moving into Aries late in the evening. She does this while the Moon is void of course for the entire day – it’s a day of being in the divine feminine. Stillness is one of the quintessential qualities of the divine feminine. With all the personal planets in Aries now, except for Mercury, stillness isn’t necessarily at your disposal like it was when everything was in Pisces. The Aries part of your consciousness is what get things going. Whatever you do today will not have a straight and narrow outcome. It is a great day to explore and allow your creativity to be expressed, while you keep your thoughts hi-vibe and positive. Liken the day to how great ideas are born out of a quick nap/meditation. Surrender to what you feel, just allow things to unfold without a super defined agenda.

Friday 22nd

It’s a rare days when the Moon is void twice. Early in the morning the Moon ends a nearly 36 hour long void by entering Leo, spends most of the day in Leo and late in the evening makes its last aspect to Saturn before going void for a second time. The real main event, however is that Mars joins Uranus at 8 Aries. This is BIG and you’ve probably been feeling it all week – a lot of electricity, possibly some edginess and definitely surprises. Imagine this: the archetype of the physical body and the archetype of Awakening join in the sign of the Divine Spark. This is a light filled download of the most magnificent kind. It also signifies an activation that is taking the whole planet into higher consciousness. Stay focused on your heart center, clean up your thoughts and ground yourself in your breath. Do not forget, Uranus is purposeful in its disruption. Welcome change and prepare to be amazed!

Saturday 23rd

The Leo Moon is void all day long. Consider that all of your cells are buzzing with a new kind of super juice. Allow yourself the time and space to adjust. Use this tactic: When things speed up, slow down. Resisting what IS is a sure path to discomfort. Jupiter and Saturn have been in an inconjunct relationship for weeks and today Saturn retrogrades back to an exact inconjunct. This dynamic is completely overhauling our social consciousness, but on a personal level, if you really look, you are moving away from certain belief systems that no longer serve or elevate your basic human needs. Become aware of those areas in your life. There is also a theme of personal empowerment around it too. This Saturn Jupiter connection has everything to do with you being willing to be solely responsible for your happiness. Make the adjustments needed to realize this fully.

Sunday 24th

The Moon is void in the morning before moving into Virgo. Indulge desires for alignment and wellbeing. This makes sense in the face of change – choose to take really good care of yourself. Listen carefully and lovingly to your body because it is going through significant upgrades. The Sun semi-sextiles Neptune today – a dynamic that can be experienced as very intimate and spiritual. Venus and Juno sextile each other exactly as well today, another relationship that communicates a flow to higher spiritual consciousness. It’s a holy week ahead with all of the religious holidays coming up. Take really good care of yourself and share your light.
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