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The first thing to know about this week is that there are very few void of course phases. Last week, every other day involved a long void and in some ways it helped us keep pace with the accelerated feeling brought on by the lunar eclipse. Not so this week, which means you will have to exercise your mastery in a different way and find neutrality in the midst of lots of movement. Perfect training, because the truth is, every moment, Moon void or not, involves an opportunity to operate in a balanced way.

Mercury joins the huge cluster of planets in Taurus on Wednesday, leaving the sign Aries. When the ruler of the mental body moves from a fire sign into an earth sign it signifies a shift from the creative and “conceptual” phase of manifestation into the grounded, practical and physicalizing aspect. Taurus is the sign of sacred geometry, the patterns that make up the stuff of the world. You will find that your focus shifts. All of the personal planets in Taurus will make you keenly aware of the importance of tuning into your intuition and following it to the letter. The discipline and focus from Mercury traveling through Aries will serve you moving forward.

Mars and Mercury trigger the recent lunar eclipse point of 6 Scorpio by polarity early in the week. That means we are gaining vital physical and mental information about the alchemical process we’re in. It seems like alchemy has more to do with how we Be than what we do. It’s not what we are used to, even though we have been doing it on some level all our lives. This will be an important week of information and energy harnessing in the 5D way. Whenever Saturn transits are focal we don’t necessarily feel invigorated and energized. Instead Saturn in Scorpio is redefining what it means for you to harness your resources (vital energy) to be used in very specific and concentrated ways.

It’s exciting territory!

Monday 29th

The nature of authority in our lives has changed dramatically in the last few months and today’s cocktail of aspects makes the in-dwelling authority coming from your heart center the focus of the day. (When is it not, these days?) The Moon is in Capricorn, sign of Divine Power – YOUR divine power. Make it your mission to be one with the highest aspect of Source – whatever that means to you. Saturn is the archetype demanding your attention, so you may be faced with getting real and getting right with your own sense of empowerment. No room for victim here. Just be willing to own that your life is your creation and your way of being can shift and materialize a new outcome if you are not happy with what’s in front of you. We are in the eclipse worm-hole, a kind of portal between dimensions that allows you to have the experience of defying gravity. It’s a magical time, but easiest to be in when you you’re coming from the heart.

Tuesday 30th

It’s another full day with the Moon in Capricorn. Both the Sun (in Taurus) and the Moon are in earth signs. Earth signs in the new astrology are where we can gain the most conscious ground around the divine feminine way of “Be-ing,” which is the basis of the 5D alchemy we are remembering. In this eclipse worm-hole, quiet the part of you that is itching to do do do and Be. Today’s dynamic can help you quiet down your inner restlessness and get grounded – literally connect with the slower vibration of the earth (yourself) – so you can tune into and follow the inner promptings of your higher Self. Take action when you are prompted. Relax into this feminine wisdom. Manifestation in the new world is simpler when you are not distracted by the rush and pull characterized by the “doing” energy we grew up in. Make today’s mantra something like “I AM reclaiming my own space.” See how that changes your time line.

Wednesday 1st

It’s May Day and Beltane, the midpoint of Spring. Joy is inherently present as all of the plant and wildlife around us is renewed. Take time out to notice and tap into this joy. No matter what is going on in your life, this joy is available to you. The Moon transitions into Aquarius very quickly with hardly any Moon void time and Mercury joins all of the personal planets in Taurus. There is so much focus on the Taurus sign of consciousness that mentally you can be more aware of it now. When the Taurus part of you is empowered, you are firmly rooted in your heart-center and are able to be a strong, stable presence to all of life around you. Watch for classic issues of attachment to come up for release. When you are anchored in your heart and quiet the negative voice of the lower mind, you will be able to Trust more fully and let go of that which you’ve felt the need to hold onto. In fact, trust is a big point of focus for Taurus, the Tree of Life. Go inward and trust what is going on “in there.”

Thursday 2nd

The Moon in Aquarius squares the Taurus Sun marking the Last Quarter phase of the Moon cycle. The vibration of Love is the undeniable signature here, because Venus over-lights all of the planetary energy in Taurus and Aquarius is the part of your consciousness where you learn how to be un-conditional. If you become aware of your own or others conditional behavior – well done. You can now see how it robs you of the love you really desire. Today you may wrestle with your habits of defensiveness and find how this protective shield is no longer needed. In this eclipse period of rapid manifestation, do you really want to continue manifesting habits that keep you from connecting in meaningful ways? The veil that keeps you where you are is very thin and all it takes is a bit of courage and a lot of honoring yourself to step through to the other side. Thankfully, Uranus has been working on you lately and emboldened you to make new choices. Imagine yourself standing on the other side of any issue you are facing. From there you can see how easy it is to make your move.

Friday 3rd

At long last, today we have our first Moon void of any length. It’s been full-throttle all week and the quieter atmosphere the void provides allows for the integration you are surely wanting. The Moon is void while most of us sleep and through the afternoon (2:25pm EDT) before entering Pisces. If you went to bed with a crisis of heart, you can bet this void phase will give you the chance to get clear on what you really desire. Inside the void are productive aspects that bode well for connecting your mind and passion, recognizing your mastery and aligning with it, and feeling out the subtleties of your newly upgraded divine feminine operating system. Underneath it all, though, it is about you, your level of authenticity, and your willingness to step more and more into the role of magnetic-attractor-creator. Emotionally, let yourself detach from any kind of limiting beliefs. Just float around in “what’s possible” today and daydream.

Saturday 4th

Saturn conjoins and Mercury polarizes the recent eclipse point bringing welcome information to help you traverse this wild ride into the new realm of conscious manifestation. Stephanie Azaria has recently been calling Saturn the “Inner Guru/Teacher” which feels so right on. No more giving your power over to anything other than your Self. Just imagine that for a minute. Imagine yourself without any of your typical authority hang-ups (rebellion, meekness, avoidance, confrontation, confusion, blame…etc). Instead feel what it’s like to be whole and completely at home right down to your bones. The old stuff hardly has any hold, right? Right now, that is today, you can imagine your life and all of the wide range of experiences you’ve had that have led you to this point of empowerment. And in that sound place, you get to go beyond the physical and transcend the laws of manifestation as we’ve known them. Now more than ever you actually “get” how to BE the change and let it materialize around you.

Sunday 5th

The Moon spends half the day in Pisces, goes void for most of the other half, and then moves into Aries late in the evening. You know this territory – the challenge of expanding beyond what you know, feeling the magnificence of limitlessness and yet wrestling with being in physical form and the perceived limitations therein. It’s that inner friction that sparks and gets things going in a new and inspired direction, so the best thing you can do today is keep the faith. Trust the creative process you are in. Mercury and Saturn are in a polarity relationship right now showing you the full-spectrum of possibilities when you elevate your vision to the highest and purest place while listening to your heart’s desire. Simplify and connect with yourself – that’s how you get grounded.

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