The last and final eclipse of the season has come and gone and while we are still in the midst of the expansion/acceleration wave, we are nearing touchdown and this last two week phase has got to reflect that in some way. Touching down at the New Moon on June 8th won’t mean we will understand everything we’ve gone through in the past 6 weeks, but it’s likely we will have the distinct feeling that we’ve come out of a portal.

This week starts out with Mercury and Venus catching up to Jupiter in Gemini. Jupiter dispenses Truth – the far reaching, universal kind of truth that breaks through any kind of human construct. What happens when truth with a capital T strikes a personal note on the mental and emotional planes? It can piss you off at first because it shakes up what you know, what you thought you knew, what you thought you could believe in. Jupiter activations don’t typically hurt, though. They invigorate and propel if you allow yourself to move beyond the comfortable confines of the world you’ve so carefully constructed.

Jupiter in Gemini is the reason synchronistic experiences are seemingly more prevalent or, rather, more visible. Synchronicity generates the kind of experience you need to have to realize just how connected you are to everything; just how much your thoughts, words and deeds align as a part of the mechanism of manifestation. It’s always been happening, but because of the growth we’ve all undergone the mechanism is more apparent. We simply have more awareness, especially because the heart is coming online as the main power source of our operating system.

The rulers of the lower bodies all change signs this week. Speedy Mercury moves into Cancer, followed by Mars moving into Gemini finally, followed by Venus following closely on the heels of Mercury and heading into Cancer. Venus, by the way, is the 5D dispositor of Cancer – meaning she is the main archetype that relates the nature of the Cancer part of consciousness within each of us. Cancer is all about emotional power and Venus is the ruler of the emotional body. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? We’ve been through so much heart-centered change since the Winter Solstice it’s going to be extraordinary to experience Venus moving through the sign of “The Mother” (emotional power) this year.

There are very short Moon void phases this week, which probably will feel like we are moving very fast. The masculine and feminine energetic within us all are more balanced than they’ve ever been. It will be hard not to notice the balancing going on. Just take note of how different it feels and appreciate what you are going through. It is an opportunity of a lifetime to go through this reclaiming of the divine Mother and activation of the divine Son.

Keep calm and carry on! Love Love Love

Monday 27th

Jupiter has travelled through Gemini for nearly a year now and today he is sandwiched inbetween Mercury and Venus, which means there is potential to gain a more intimate insight into the role of this archetype in our personal lives. Jupiter expands and his cycles play a part in the evolution of our social identity. Gemini in the higher realms is the sign where your experience of duality can transform into multifaceted Unity. As the eclipse wormhole accelerates your understanding of the manifestation process, Jupiter in Gemini is drawing your attention to serendipity and synchronicity, giving you the experiences needed to “get” how connected you are. The Moon is in Capricorn today going over Pluto and bringing up the stuff of the Pluto Uranus square. Long story short….there are no accidents. Stay true to you.

Tuesday 28th

The Moon spends more than half the day in Capricorn, goes void of course for a few hours mid afternoon and in the early evening enters Aquarius. Because Jupiter is intertwined with Venus in Gemini right now, there is an emotional expansion going on. Very specifically it is helping us all realize the Truth at our very core. You may not have new insight, but there is no denying how much easier it is to access your Truth and step forward to honor it. The Moon is traveling through the part of your consciousness where you connect with your divine Self and where you work to overcome conditional ways of being. The Full Moon lunar eclipse has created some inertia for you to break free of be-lie-fs that no longer serve you, hence getting to m o r e Truth. Today is a day where you can feel how clean your slate is right now – it’s like you’ve emptied your pantry – affording you the opportunity to welcome more nourishing patterns and potentials.

Wednesday 29th

Mercury forms a polarity with the Galactic Center today, so news and communication take on multi-dimensional significance. The Galactic Center is the great black hole from which everything in our universe emanates….that is, as far as we can perceive now. The polarity relationship between this Source point and the ruler of the mental body gives us the opportunity to be present both from a micro and macro perspective. Seeing the big picture, the one that exists beyond the personal can do wonders for personal liberation. Not coincidentally, the Moon is moving through Aquarius all day – the sign of liberty and freedom. There is a particularly empowering emotional flow you can tap into today if you choose. To do so, Be as if you Have a limitless future.

Thursday 30th

The Moon continues through Aquarius for a majority of the day before moving into Pisces in the late evening. Revelation is ever apt to strike. Given that we’ve just experienced a Uranus Pluto square, the Moon’s movement today is bringing our attention to the shape-shifting that is happening in our lives. The potential for really being true to your most heartfelt desires has never been so intense or possible. The Moon connects with all of the personal planets in Gemini today and the call for liberation is palpable. No mountains need be climbed, only the ones in your psyche. Continue to take little steps from the guidance of your heart center, which may feel like huge leaps of faith, and you will be that much closer to living in congruency with your righteous path.

Friday 31st

Fast moving Mercury moves into Cancer today just a few hours before Mars enters Gemini and it’s Venus’ turn to resonate in polarity with the Galactic Center. It may feel like an “out there” kind of day – a sign of expansion, but in truth it’s all an inside job. Just when you think you know yourself there are more mansions to discover within your own house. Continue to work on closing the gap between what you feel and what you act on. The Moon is in the limitless field, Pisces, and squares the Gemini Sun marking the last quarter phase. How much are you allowing your emotional wisdom to lead you? Continue to lead with your heart, get still to hear it’s voice and if a crisis comes up to challenge you, well done – you are clearing what needs to be cleared.

Saturday 1st s

Surrender and transformation are a big part of the day. The Sun inconjuncts Pluto, which means there is an opportunity for you to choose to focus on moving into right action or continue to allow yourself to be distracted. This theme has probably been going on to some degree all week, if not longer. With most of the personal planetary energy concentrated in Gemini, we all get a chance to see how distraction undermines connection in our lives. No judgment or feeling bad about it, just be willing to look at your habits truthfully and be willing to come from the heart. Whatever emotional factor comes up that triggers you into distraction or runaway monkey mind chatter; find a moment to have compassion for the fear that lies beneath that action. Compassion builds bridges.

Sunday 2nd

Venus is fast on the heals of Mercury entering Cancer today, her 5D home. Whenever the sign Cancer is lit up you can bet the rumblings of primal core stuff start to surface in your life. While usually uncomfortable, as we get the hang of letting our emotional energy take its due course, the power of our emotional body becomes much more amazing and fulfilling. The Moon is in Aries today, disposing Mercury and Venus and thereby bringing up very personal issues. The key word is always Allow with anything emotional. That doesn’t mean act – it means allow the flow of energy to move freely and you will experience the clearing it facilitates. This is the 5D definition of nurturing yourself. It’s a revolution, really.