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We are in the count-down to the New Moon this week, which is typically a time of assessment, wrap up and clearing of the decks. There is definitely a lot to integrate after weeks of being in a time-warp. The eclipse season started on April 25th and will complete at the Gemini New Moon on Saturday. We are nearly at the touch-down! The moment is always Now, but there is a sense of grounding and new orientation this week

Mercury in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces will form a grand water trine that becomes exact this week. Trines are creative relationships full of grace and flow. The water trine relates to the emotional body and provides an optimal environment for currents of information to move, thus trines in the water signs command tremendous intuitive potential. This connection between our mental body, our inner teacher and our enlightened Self feels like a gift well earned after the challenges in this eclipse season. The eclipses started with a Scorpio Full Moon and were meant to completely transform our relationship to how we create from our highest vision and other important pieces of the manifestation process. For me, these eclipses and this water trine are meant to bring us back into healthy rapport with our magical, delightful, innately creative and connected Self.

Neptune is slowing down to turn retrograde Friday – the day before the New Moon. Neptune will station at 5 Pisces, retrograde thru Nov 14th going back to 2 Pisces. Neptune is the archetype of Enlightenment disposing the consciousness of Pisces, which has to do with limitlessness, Mastery, and the symbol of the Ocean. As this archetype looms large in our awareness it is bound to bring up fear. It may also bring up your stuff around being a limitless being stuffed inside of a small container living in a world that thinks it is separate from God….to sum it all up – human suffering. Please don’t let your consciousness dwell on these things too long. Feel what you feel and allow for whatever comes along to clear – that is your “job” – but to stay in the suffering is to create more of it and right now we don’t need to create any more storms. (Yes, your consciousness is that powerful.) Along side the suffering piece, whose purpose is to crack open our hearts, there is also the bliss piece of Neptune. Unlock yourself and tune into the nectar of your Divine connection. To be seduced by anything else is, well, to be seduced! Keep your eye on your beloved Self.

Gemini New Moon is a new beginning. Wherever Gemini falls in your birth chart is where you must learn to get centered and bring your thought-forms into right relationship with the intuitive feeling field of your heart consciousness. It is both rewarding and challenging work. A huge piece of this eclipse experience has been about closing the gap between what you know and say with what you actually live and put into action. Mind the gap – as they say as you’re getting on the London Tube. Close the gap – even better!

Monday 3rd

The Moon is in Aries all day, making it easy to shoot from the hip and get things moving emotionally. The Aries part of consciousness is being stirred in the collective with the presence of both Uranus and Eris in this sign. On the meta-level it’s all about bringing the higher Christed energy more fully into our energy bodies. On a personal level, the Moon as it moves through Aries and hits Uranus and Eris, is a chance to bring to light any Aries flavored misqualified energies in your field. If feelings around abandonment or not being loved in the way you needed come up, it’s good news. This is the chance for you to let it come up and let the issue go forever. Mercury, Neptune and Saturn are making a grand water trine together. Meaning, there is a magical chemistry running in our emotional bodies. E-motions are powerful currents moving through us. Let that currency enrich you by allowing whatever comes up to be viewed as a blessed clearing.

Tuesday 4th

The Aries Moon goes void of course at 2:09am for nearly 10 hours. Moon voids are where we dwell in the domain of the divine feminine. The feminine frequency of Aries has to do with receiving and absorbing higher vibrations of Light – kind of like an initiation. Don’t be surprised if you feel like a flip gets switched on this morning. I can’t help but think of that song with the phrase, “turn on your heart light” (Neil Diamond?). When the Moon moves into Taurus the mood of the day gets grounded or brings up the need for grounding, particularly emotionally. Venus is newly in Cancer, the sign she disposes in 5D. Intuition and the flow of allowing are important today – whether you need to follow more carefully the messages you are receiving or perhaps you need to pay attention to the way your mind is “talking.” Whatever it be, there is so much emotional flow and alignment available to you if you choose to put your focus on your empowerment.

Wednesday 5th

The Sun in Gemini will inconjunct the North Node in Scorpio today (and simultaneously semi-sextile the South Node). This is about the choice you have in every moment to make the necessary adjustments internally such that you are choosing the higher Love-based perspective versus reacting (which usually means fear is at cause). The Moon is in Taurus all day and in the late afternoon it will go void of course, so following your inner voice is the background music to the adjustment that needs to take place around your identity and the doorway to your evolution. The North Node in Scorpio has everything to do with raising your vision up to a crystal-clear place and that involves taking the personalized emotional charge out of a situation. “Feelings” are mostly energy taken personally – thus “the drama.” What you are feeling may not be personal – it may just be energy that is moving through you with a message – it may even be collective (the Oneness commencing). Raise your view point up beyond the sticky personal stuff and get the higher message.

Thursday 6th

The Taurus Moon-void continues from last night through the morning entering Gemini at 11:32 pm – that’s a nice long divine feminine integration period. The feminine qualities of Taurus have to do with sacred geometry and the “unseen” forces that come together in form as a result of energy we put forth via our thoughts and words. With this eclipse season largely helping us expand our understanding of how manifestation actually works, these integrations are so supportive in helping us move forward with that sacred knowledge. Neptune is pulling into station retrograde. Where there is fog or confusion, there is simply a lesson in trust that may lead to a life-altering experience of faith. It’s a great opportunity to stare fear down and become the one who takes the risk and moves beyond limitation. Fear is paper thin. Bliss is ever present for the tapping. These are the things Neptune in Pisces brings up. Let the power of emotion come up to move you – just allow.

Friday 7th

There are a lot of exact aspects activating today, but the main event is the Neptune station simply because Neptune is the “slowest” planet right now and its stillness is the kind of energy that tends to command our attention. The Sun and Moon, the disposers of your spiritual body, are in Gemini and poignantly so, because they are in the sign where duality is transforming into unity consciousness whilst Neptune inspires and expands our vision. This is a very mystical time, especially now that we are completing our rollercoaster ride through the eclipses. The Neptune station may bring up all the dross you hold in your field from the experience of separation. There is enough consciousness and personal empowerment for you to tap into so that you can clear this dross without having to process it intellectually. In fact, keep your mind focused at your heart chakra because there is nothing here you don’t already Know. Allow. Clear. En-Lighten.

Saturday 8th

The Gemini New Moon commences at 11:56am EDT officially ending the eclipse cycle that started back on April 25th. The Gemini sign is where the illusion of separation exists until it doesn’t anymore….We are just touching ground after riding what felt like a huge wave of transformational energy. What actually transpired in the last few weeks we will now be able to sort out to some degree. Most importantly, the illusion of separation is much thinner for many and fully transparent to many more – which changes everything. You can look back at “rocky” moments and perhaps see the clearing you went through as the necessary step in remembering yourself as a unified, whole being. Mercury, depositor of today’s New Moon, will square Uranus this afternoon and tap into the Uranus Pluto square that is changing everything we know right now. Disruption is purposeful today (as always) – how you handle alchemical reactions, upheavals, or lightening bolts of revelation is ultimately up to you. It’s energy moving. Trust in the purposeful-ness of what you are feeling. Uranian energy is meant to dis-arm you so that you open in new ways.

Sunday 9th

The Gemini Moon goes void of course before many of us are still sleeping and stays void until just after noon EDT. The feminine qualities of Gemini have to do with flow, so as you are starting your day, no matter how busy or active it may be, find the space of fluidity within yourself. In Gemini, we learn to anchor our consciousness at the heart chakra and lead from there. It’s about putting our wisdom into right action. The Gemini Sun will trine Juno in Aquarius exactly today. This is an effortless connection to the consciousness of Sacred Marriage – Divine Union. Whatever this means or looks like to you, it is a significant piece of the re-member-ment / unification process. There is a sacred and liberated piece of you that can be reclaimed as signified by this connection.

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