It’s going to be a couple weeks before Mercury officially turns around for his second retrograde cycle this year, but the process of revision does begin this week. Mercury is at 13 Cancer on Monday and when he goes retrograde at 23 Cancer on June 26th, he will spend 2 weeks traveling back to where he is this week. If this statement makes you roll your eyes or conjures up dread, I implore you to shift your perspective. This cycle is actually a tremendous opportunity to let go of what you’ve been having a hard time releasing, or redo something that needs reworking, or just connect deeply with your inner guidance mechanism. You will be doing us all a favor by removing your thoughts from the energy field of fear around these cycles.

Juno stations retrograde this week. Juno, archetype of the Sacred Union, will be retrograding through Aquarius until the last week of September. She represents part of the divine feminine consciousness that was shattered and is finally being reclaimed by each and every one of us. The Sacred Union is the energy behind self-realization; it has to do with right-relationship between our masculine and feminine ways of being, grasping that relationships help us get who we are and that group or unity consciousness forms a much more powerful energy field than your own solo energy field. The retrograde cycle is an inward-dwelling cycle; a ripe opportunity to clear away any unnecessary defensiveness you may have about your reflection “out there” or group issues that need clearing.

Chiron stations right after Juno. Chiron has been moving through the sign of Pisces for many months now and in his retrograde journey will help us unlock some of long standing suffering we have in our cellular data. Chiron acts like a rainbow bridging the Earth with the Heavens, the lower self and the higher Self. Crossing a bridge is a passageway and at times is terrifying to cross. Chiron tends to bring up old familial or survival-issue traumas up so they can be cleared from your energy body. It’s quite amazing, to have the opportunity to have a place of stuck darkness come up and be lovingly healed. It is like a huge soul retrieval where parts of you, that had split off during various intense times. reclaim their rightful place within your energy field. As a result you are that much closer to remembering how whole you really are.

Monday 10th

The Moon is in Cancer all day and will make her last aspect to Mercury before going void of course at 5:15pm EDT for the rest of the evening. It’s definitely a day of allowing and being in the quintessential flow of life. If you are feeling emotional – fine; perfect, even. With Mercury trining Chiron you have a chance to align your mind with your heart and shift your consciousness that much more into a state of wholeness and limitlessness. On a deep unconscious level there may be insecurities rising up to be cleared. No worries. When you allow yourself to be exactly as you are the emotional energy has a chance to do its job more quickly and deliver you back to an empowered and centered place. You can use your mind to hold focus on Being empowered – it literally is only a thought and a feeling away. If you are already feeling rooted in your heart, then the well of inspiration all of the currently active trines are bringing up is yours for the taking. Mercury enters its shadow today, so it may be time to get back to work on creative endeavors. Revisit that which speaks to and fills up your heart.

Tuesday 11th

The Cancer Moon is void of course all day long (continuing from yesterday evening). We haven’t had this long of a void period in a long time. It bodes well for deeply nurturing moments of inner stillness – the kind of juicy, blissful, “my cup overflow-eth with joy” kinds of spiritual connections. It’s the Divine Mother energy after all. Inside the void a lot of connections are being made – especially in the form of easy flow and creativity. That’s the theme lately with multiple grand water trines activated. The most demanding connection is the Venus Pluto polarity. This is the tough, but rewarding, lesson of surrender you may be going through. It is our human habit to attach to things at the heart level, letting that attachment be a source of deeply rooted fear. The Gatekeeper, Pluto, is transforming that relationship. Learn the conscious art of detachment via unconditional love and empowered surrender, or continue feeding the pain body only to be at the mercy of all its demands. It isn’t easy stuff, but it is ultimately the path of transformation and liberation.

Wednesday 12th

Venus can’t interact with Pluto intimately without meeting up with Uranus, too, these days. The Pluto Uranus square is transforming every aspect of our lives and to have the ruler of our emotional bodies connect in with this hugely transformational energy means it’s hitting home in a personal way. With Uranus, disruption is purposeful. It’s a perfect moment to remember that everything you experience in life is designed to wake you up. It’s meant to dissolve the illusion of fear and lack. Allow the “disruption” to work its magic, alchemically rearranging the molecules of any situation. The Moon is in Leo, an aspect of consciousness where the symbol of the Life Force shines its magnificence onto any situation. It’s a day to practice allowing the blessing to arise from any given situation and experience the inner fulfillment gratitude brings when exercised in your life.

Thursday 13th

The Leo Moon is ruled by the Gemini Sun today, making it a day of bringing your waking awareness up to speed with your unconscious demands. The more we wake up, the more we must set to work closing the gap between what we Know and what we think, say and do. Otherwise we have to deal with the consequences of our energy leaking and draining us and other such not-so-fun stuff caused by being out of alignment with our Truth. Closing the gap takes courage and a good heap of self-confidence. There is plenty creative connectivity available to you now in support of going out on a limb, so that you can lead the life according to your highest vision. The Sun and Mars are still in Gemini and the lesson here is unification. In your world, through your eyes, find the Oneness. It’ll set you free.

Friday 14th

Grace – It’s an experience. And today the grand water trine featuring Venus, North Node, and Chiron in close relationship offers the perfect setup for circumstances to come along and flood you with the expansive heart-opening thing we humbly refer to as Grace. Open up to the experience. Also, Juno is stationing to go retrograde. This asteroid is ever more present in our awareness as the archetype of Sacred Union. Planets that station tend to draw our attention, so any relationship stuff welling-up today is on some level going to deepen your experience of unity consciousness, partnership, and the spiritual dynamic of Sacred Union; ie. The rememberance of right-relationship between doing and being. Juno’s retrograde through the sign of Aquarius will help us all unlock conditional patterns that keep us from receiving the divine love we so long for and must source (remember) from within.

Saturday 15th

Venus is quickly going over the steps Mercury has just gone over and activating the grand water trine energy with North Node and Chiron. It’s a very lovely evolutionary healing for our emotional bodies. The power is in Chiron who stations today along with Juno officially now retrograding. It’s like we’ve been courting conscious evolution all week and embarking on a new piece of the alignment process that is taking us deep into Gnosis, self-knowledge. We are gathering and assimilating of parts of ourselves formerly lost to limitation and suffering. With Mars inconjuncting Pluto today, there is an immediate demand to keep your eye on transformation, not letting anything trick you into disengaging from your own inner teacher – It’s a rich experience or the riches are there if you are willing to welcome them.

Sunday 16th

Chiron rules the Virgo Moon today and you may feel the Chiron station in a significant way – feel is the key word. That’s because the Virgo Moon helps us tune into it, or at the very least, attune to the stationing event (a vibration thing). Chiron is the Rainbow Bridge and escorts us from our wounded fear-based self to our whole divine Self. Because Chiron is in Pisces, the retrograde has to do with expanding your vision, healing deep-seated fear, and any issues around you moving more into your mastery….and much much more of course. Pisces is the limitless field. See if you can find even the most subtle element of limitlessness shift how you feel today.

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