It seems like all of a sudden there are a lot of planets going through a retrograde cycle. Pluto and Saturn have been retrograde for weeks, but within a span of 10 days Chiron, Juno and Neptune all turned around. Mercury will follow suit shortly, which will make all of the retrograde cycles feel much more accessible and personal.

This is great – a planet in a retrograde cycle appears to be moving backwards from our perspective on Earth, but it’s all a perfect optical illusion. What is relevant spiritually and for our personal-growth, is that the archetypal meaning of each planet can become a profound inner experience during these backwards phases; backwards is more accurately described as inwards. And of course, the inner journey is where awakening happens. . .

The Summer Solstice is Friday (or Thursday night depending on your time zone). This event is heralded by the Sun moving into the sign of Cancer, which will happen at 1:04 am Eastern time. In the new astrology, the consciousness of the Cancer sign is worked out (aka awakened) at your core. Knowing this still blows my mind because of how impactful and astoundingly perfect it is that core is the Coeur, or the Heart, and like the expression “getting to the heart of the matter,” the Cancerian consciousness is where we get to the deepest, most vulnerable, and most truthful center of ourselves.

So the Summer Solstice takes us into the emotional body of the collective. The Core is being stirred for all of us – emotions, feelings, and unconscious issues around your relationship to being nurtured and supported, your Mother, the Divine Mother, the balance between being and doing, allowing, receiving – all that “stuff” will be rising up so you have a chance to let it move you and unblock energy within your chakras.

The Capricorn Full Moon will cap off the week. As with all Full Moon’s, there is a culmination coming, which you may feel very distinctly. The Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn has to do with the way we bridge our human experience with our connection to Source.

To help you “allow” your emotions this week, use the mantra for Cancer – “I AM” and the affirmation – “I AM empowered.”

Monday 17th

The Moon is in Libra all day. Reclaim. Recognize. The Unconscious is always speaking to us and hoping we will see ourselves in each new moment. The Sun is moving through the last degrees of Gemini and lessons revolving around putting your wisdom into action are probably resonating loud and clear for you in some aspect of your life. Can you process with your heart and allow your brilliant mind to be in service to the consciousness that lives at the center of your being? Yes, you can. Today Mars and Uranus complete a sextile, an energetic you’ve been feeling for a few days. It can mean a lot of electricity and energy moving through the body as a sort of purposeful calibration. As we heal and clear fear-based thoughts and memories, we make room for more light. Don’t be surprised if today feels like a big energy download. Uranus strikes a personal cord solely to wake us up. Find the blessing.

Tuesday 18th

The Moon is in Libra all day again, going void of course a few minutes just before midnight EDT. The Uranus Mars connection yesterday signified a productive, energizing kind of dynamic that is helping us bring more fully into being (ground) higher consciousness. That may seem like a general statement, but it’s the simplest truth and Uranus, being an archetype of innovation means there is an unprecedented quality to the experience we are having (read: it’s WILD!) The bar has been raised; we feel and know it and the mind can’t compute it all, which doesn’t matter because the Heart can. Close your eyes and put the palm of your hand at the middle of your breastbone. There is where you will find anything for which you are seeking.

Wednesday 19th

Mars rules the physical world – it’s the planet that represents your physical body. There is a lot of energy, electricity and information we have access to right now that is ultimately very purposeful, useful and transformational, but it may feel overwhelming. What is coming up is the fear-based qualities of Gemini – overwhelmed, scattered and frenetic. Today Mars squares Chiron in Pisces and signifies a critical turning point – an growth opportunity. Physical or health issues may come to light. These symptoms are hardly ever life threatening, rather they are special opportunities to align your consciousness with your higher Self. The body or physical issue is only a messenger. Here you can choose to settle down and tend to your wellbeing on every level. Make it a conscious choice. Be reminded that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real and move passed it.

Thursday 20th

Today’s Scorpio Moon is tuning us into the many water trines that are active between planets right now. This is the experience of emotional connectivity, a creative relationship that is helping us understand spiritual teachings having to do with acceptance, allowing, and following the voice of the heart. It’s an important and very special dynamic that is happening after a very intense eclipse season this Spring. The very fabric of your world, the foundation you stand on, is morphing into something that is much more aligned with your authentic Self and as insecurities well up within you to be cleared it is easy to think something is wrong; Quite the contrary. Scorpio is bringing up the emotional pendulum swing so that you can let go and actually let it all be and let it transport you to higher ground.

Friday 21st

There is something special that registers in our consciousness about today, the Summer Solstice, when the Sun enters Cancer. In your birth chart, this place is 6 months after your birthday and if you were to look at that time every year you would begin to see a pattern in your life. On both a personal and collective level we are dealing with root chakra issues – the deepest and most vulnerable parts of our psyche. It’s a beautiful thing really. Consider that the Sun is at its highest in the Northern hemisphere shining the light of awareness most brightly and yet the sign of The Mother stirs up innocence, vulnerability and ultimately the power of an open Heart chakra. There is a switch today happening collectively, one where we start the process of reaping what we’ve sowed. Now until the Winter Solstice we are mastering the way of being that receives.

Saturday 22nd

Ceres, the planetary archetype that is pivotal in awakening the truth of the Divine Mother within each of us, moves from the last degree of Cancer into Leo today. Yesterday was all about emotional power and as the Sun travels through Cancer this month we will become more and more aware of the balance we have at the fundamental core of ourselves. As Ceres traverses the Leo aspect of consciousness for the rest of the summer, she will help us heal any lack we might feel at our root and help us build a bridge of acceptance. This is distinct from resignation. The principal of acceptance is a complete surrender to what is with the inner Knowingness that all is perfect, all is as it is.

Sunday 23rd

Today the Moon is Full in Capricorn illuminating your highest Self. Capricorn is the sign of consciousness where we experience our divinity, where our connection to Source is most intimate. The symbol of Capricorn in traditional astrology is the goat and in the new astrology it is the Executive Director – the one who stands at the top and is in command. This is your day, your opportunity to be authentic and empowered no matter what you have “achieved” or “failed” at in life. This is your opportunity to empower your perspective of yourself and put the inner critic, the self judgment and distain for any authority figures in your life aside. It is time you put that to rest and value every person in your life that has come along to trigger you such that you find the true Source in your own being.

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