Take a deep breath. This journey into our Cancerian depths has been quite a ride. What it means to allow and let it all be is sinking into our consciousness and changing how we operate – it’s the gift of the trines happening in the water signs.

At the top of the week on Monday, the Moon is New in Cancer. A few hours after the Sun and Moon come together, the Moon goes void of course for the rest of the day. Inside this New Moon energy, Saturn stations to turn direct. That’s one heck of a day.

You could liken a Cancer New Moon, void of course (not making any significant aspects to other planets), to a womb. It can be a very nurturing experience and it’s definitely a very interior one. All focus is inward, especially with Mercury retrograde. Add the Saturn station into the mix and the element of empowerment intensifies. I associate this New Moon womb with being passively active, like the posture you adopt in meditation. There is definitely something creative brewing, but the focus is in the buoyancy, being held and nurtured in your own energy bubble while you build up your resources.

Saturn has been retrograde in Scorpio since February and is a major player in the water trine dynamic for the past few weeks. It’s an interesting set of teachings for us all – being steadfast in our power and yet fluid in our way of being. It’s deepening our understanding of what alchemy really is in our lives – positive, negative, neutral, all three collaborate together energetically. The neutral piece is the newest for us to really master. This particular buoyant and fertile New Moon represents another facet of neutrality that is very dynamic. Contemplate these qualities and find out what it feels like in your own experience.

Mars enters Cancer at the end of the week, which means he is also spending the week wrapping up in Gemini. We are somatizing non-dual consciousness; duality is still obvious to us, but what unity really means is being realized and grounded into our physical experience. When Mars enters Cancer he will eventually trigger the water trines and physicalize our experience of emotional power. It’s just what he does.

Make way for new beginnings and powerful activations.

Monday 8th

Today is both the New Moon in Cancer and the Saturn station. Quite a combo and perfect esoterically: the feminine energetic within our consciousness has reclaimed its authority and this is definitely a shining moment. There is always a lot of talk on this website about Being. Today is one of those days to practice disengaging the pressure you put on yourself to do, define, make it happen, etc. Today is for allowing yourself to feel softer and all the more empowered for it. The New Moon is potent for new beginnings, doubly so in the Mother energy of Cancer, AND to emphasize the feminine even more, the Moon is void for nearly the whole day. From the riches of today’s stillness amazing things can grow.

Tuesday 9th

The Moon is void until 6:48am ET until it moves into Leo. Emotions may still be burbling up from yesterday, but today will likely be more energizing. You will need to honor what you really feel, take a stand for what matters to you and heed your core values. The Sun and Mercury conjoin at 18 Cancer, signifying the midpoint of the Mercury retrograde cycle. It’s that moment of clarity, earned through an honest look at where you’re at. It may take courage to do what you feel in your heart is right versus what your mind thinks is right, but Mercury is still retrograde for a while, so there are details to be worked out. No one said aligning thought, word and deed was easy – doesn’t mean it’s hard, either – it’s just that it takes discipline to be in alignment.

Wednesday 10th

We are still in the New Moon phase laying groundwork for the weeks ahead of us. When the Moon is in Leo, we can be triggered by the all the ways we don’t feel like we are enough. Even though you may know this is not the truth, that you are enough, your feelings may still give you the run around. That’s where mental discipline comes in – from a spiritual perspective. The mind will run it’s loops making us feel what it’s thinking. Your job is to take care of yourself, and apply a mantra or some other mental focus activity to break the chain reaction. It helps to remember that it’s actually a good thing when emotions rise to the surface and challenge your equilibrium. It gives us a chance to see the patterns we have ingrained in us. Find the opportunity in what you are feeling today.

Thursday 11th

The Moon will move from Leo into Virgo today and subtly change our orientation. You may find yourself feeling the need to process more or put things together. Virgo is all about alignment and putting your emotional wisdom into action. The practical side of this sign is very appropriate as the Moon cycle starts to gain momentum and substance in our day to day lives. Making the choice to follow the heart and align ourselves with that intelligence has many challenges – mainly it means trusting more and being willing to not know everything before we jump in. If you are feeling out of whack in anyway, take notice. It will take some effort today to choose to stay out of suffering and to keep your focus on the big picture. Nip in the bud any train of thought or mental chatter that distracts you from what your intuition is saying. Eliminate the shoulds and go with what feels right.

Friday 12th

The Virgo Moon begs the question, are you honoring yourself? What needs to happen so that you are? The water trines that have been so significant for a few weeks are reminders that we are energy beings and as such are highly sensitive to vibration and all sorts of unseen frequency and information. When you start to tap into the field and realize just how connected you are to your environment and the people in it it’s also important to realize what’s your energy and what’s the energy of the field you just walked into. This is where life in 5D is gets really interesting, because being heart-centered and open is great, but there’s a whole lot of stuff to clear that is still vibrationally dense. Focus on your wellbeing today and if you are bogged down in anyway, there is no other sign you need to let you know that you need to re-ground in your own heart center.

Saturday 13th

The Moon goes void before noon ET for the entirety of the day, Mars enters feminine Cancer, and it’s a 13:13 Star Gate. There is a reason the feminine was ostracized for millennia….it’s mysterious and magnetic; its authority comes from within and has no master other than its Source. If you have any issue with the number 13 please consider you may have a conditioned program running in your consciousness that is ultimately disempowering for you. With Saturn moving direct now, there is a whole lot more of your own sovereignty available to you. This is the time to release programming and habits that keep you from the experience of your own unlimited connection to Source. Thirteen is 12 around 1…. there are twelve signs of consciousness and you stand in the center making the thirteenth element. This relationship can be found e v e r y w h e r e, because it is a sacred one!

Sunday 14th

In the early am, the Moon ingresses into Libra and recognition becomes the underlying theme for the next couple of days. Mars parallels Ceres on the ecliptic, which punctuates the intensely divine feminine dynamic of the week. This relationship we are forging – this new way of being bigger than our thoughts and highly sensitive to information that comes to us non-verbally – is challenging us to transform everything in our lives. No more same old same old. There is a collective bubble of limitation that we are breaking through, one empowered thought and feeling at a time. Don’t forget your personal healing is a transformation for all of us.

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