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Thank you for playing with me as I continue to experiment with this column’s format

Last week’s main events were dynamic and demanding. We are anchoring and syncing the profound lessons of this year and what it really takes to live in this 5D realm. There is a lot of letting go, stepping up, and breaking out going on.

Monday begins our collective adventure into the Leo aspect of consciousness. Leo is The Life Force, akin to the Sun, in the new astrology. There will be a common underlying theme in all of our experiences for the next 30 days that has to do with understanding how Love operates within our emotional body. Let’s explore that:

Leo is where you learn to radiate positivity by giving of yourself selflessly.

What does it take to truly be in self-less service?
Not being a doormat or too dominating…
Not serving out of guilt or to look good…

Imagine giving just because there is something overflowing to give, while expecting nothing in return, save the experience . . . and being okay with any response to your giving. It ultimately involves expressing and revealing yourself without any defenses.

It’s a high state of being. Not an out-of-reach ideal. It is attainable, and it takes some healing around your sense of self-worth and how you value yourself. It also takes practice in choosing to see how all events provide a set of circumstances that offer you the chance to awaken.

Positivity isn’t necessarily putting on a happy face. The positivity here is naturally generated as a byproduct of one’s proclivity to hold a neutral perspective.
Moving out of the duality of good and bad, we start to observe events and relationships dynamics with less judgment, less attachment. Whatever happens becomes whatever is happening, and it is that kind of emotional freedom that produces the Light that Leo is associated with.

The Leo affirmation is I AM Blessed. Use it when you are struggling this week and see what happens.

This is your barometer for the week:

Moon cycle = Full Moon to Disseminating Moon
Moving from fruition and clarity to sharing and connecting

Monday 22nd

FULL MOON in Aquarius
On Full Moons emotions tend to run high or at least are easier to identify. The Aquarian quality to this one gives us leverage in being more detached in areas where we may tend to be too personally invested. It is really a big-picture kind of day, one where some of your typical defenses my drop away and give you the space and room to take in a more expanded perspective. This is still a highly sensitized time where intuition runs strong and you are being called to go with the flow when you feel it and trust your instincts when you aren’t feeling it.

Tuesday 23rd

Moon in Aquarius
The Moon happens to be void for most of the day and Venus has just moved into Virgo, the sign of healing and alignment. For many reasons, today is one of those where you will fair well if you knowingly shift into divine feminine mode. Let what you need find you, come to you. Give yourself permission to feel exactly how you feel, open to it. Let yourself experiment and play to get out of a fixed pattern. Take many moments to honor and nurture yourself, filling your cup, so to speak. Call back to you anything you feel you have lost and feel yourself re-integrating it now.

Wednesday 24th

Moon in Aquarius moves into Pisces
Pisces is one of the wisdom signs, meaning where you learn to put into practice what you know. You’ve spend a couple of days this week shifting out of protective habits and opening yourself up. No rush, just persistence is needed. With the Pisces Moon, you may feel sensitive and open and keenly aware of the collective, not so much the personal. In fact, it’s a good time to be reminded to not take anything personally. If you are willing to shake off your doubts and trust just a little more, you can practice being open and let that experience expand the depths of your Knowingness.

Thursday 25th

Moon in Pisces
Float. Use your peripheral vision. Don’t strain your vision, relax it. Wait patiently for clarity and simply observe any discomfort. It will not last. Floating when you are learning to swim takes a good deal of trust, so trust happens in the space between breaths. The Sun parallels Mercury on the ecliptic. If you find your mind running amuck, you can say to yourself “Thinking!” It’ll stop your thoughts right then and there. “Thinking!” Find something worthwhile to occupy your mind – a gratitude list, an affirmation.

Friday 26th

Moon in Pisces moves into Aries
The Moon is void in Pisces until early evening before moving into Aries. It’s an important day of integration – which may be a fancy way of saying rest. Floating in the ocean is an expansive experience and before taking in the breath of fire the Aries Moon offers, you may want to spend this day in a quite way. Venus, ruler of the emotional body, spends the next three days anchoring the grand water trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.

Saturday 27th

Moon in Aries
Anchoring. This business of coming into right relationship within yourself – a hallmark of the trine – is hitting home in a big way. It’s tough to make changes and leave what you know behind. But then again, it doesn’t have to be tough. Effort is required. Suffering is always optional. Remember, being in abundance consciousness is knowing that you have everything you need in the moment. Keep forging an empowered perspective.

Sunday 28th

Moon in Aries
Generosity of the spirit is all over this day. All of the outer body planets are retrograde right now turning your awareness to the universe within you. The Moon is void all day long – another indication to draw from your own inner resources for guidance and strength and limitlessness. In the feminine way, know that you are drawing to you exactly what you need. Use your mind to keep drawing your awareness to the light within you.

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