weeklyweatherThese are the themes of the week as the great image of a Star of David and a ring of sextiles awaken within our consciousness:

Balance – knowing when to do and when to be still. You heart tells you, you have to trust it.

Neutrality – the buzz word lately. Positive, Negative Neutral. Alchemy in action. Your job is to allow it all and it is in the allowing and the accepting that neutrality activates and things get a lot easier for you.

Feeling your feelings, sensing your senses and becoming a lot more aware of all of the information that comes to you in the form of the “unseen.”

Coming on line, taking your place. Lots of you are feeling “in transition.” That’s maybe not quite the right wording. You are coming into your sense of self and empowerment in a whole new way and you can’t see too far in front of you. Look within and you will see that you are actually holding a higher more pure vision. Looking outside of yourself can bring uncertainty and fog. Surrendering to your divine self is the key here.

There is an incredible line up of consecutive semisextiles this week on Thursday, all at 12 degrees of the sign they are in…Venus in Virgo, to Vesta in Leo, to Mars in Cancer, to the Moon in Gemini, to the South Node in Taurus, to Uranus in Aries, to Chiron in Pisces and ending with Juno in Aquarius…. The North Node in Scorpio kind of acts as the handle to this umbrella. The semi-sextile relationship is budding intimacy. It’s about bringing different energies together and finding common ground; a way to work together.

These are really powerful times. You expanding into yourself and remembering who you really are. Literally, you’ve got the magic in you. I’d say it’s time to celebrate.

This is your barometer for the week:

Last Quarter to Balsamic Moon
Honest evaluation and release; clearing and rejuvenation

Monday 29th

Moon in Taurus
The Moon is a key component in completing the merkaba pattern between planets today. The earth and water elements are punctuating a super attunement that has been in the works for weeks. This is sending your intuition out of the ballpark, helping you understand the relationship between your body and your emotions, helping you feel what it’s like to trust your other senses while your mental process learns to take a back seat. Magical beingness.

Tuesday 30th

Moon in Taurus
While we’ve been reawakening our feminine qualities, we’ve also been healing and readjusting our masculine. Mars will square retrograde Uranus tomorrow and there may be discomfort and a whole lot of inner short-circuiting/tweaking going in your physical world. Just be kind to yourself. Extra kind. And if you can, coach yourself into letting go of that which you cannot control. Not as if you have been defeated, but as a way of releasing yourself of an unnecessary burden.

Wednesday 31st

Moon in Taurus moving into Gemini
Things pick up a bit just before noon when the Moon enters Gemini. Truth and expression are big themes, especially when creative energies run high as they are now. If you haven’t been pondering your authentic Truth, do so now. There is so much support energetically for you to bring into form what is dwelling in your heart. Not sappy. Just truth. You being you in the fullest way possible.

Thursday 1st

Moon in Gemini
You may have to work a bit today to get yourself emotionally centered. Meaning, using your awareness and the desire to be unified, to override any lower impulse you may be feeling to distract yourself from the demands of living authentically. The semi-sextiles are at work today. The task today is to reel in all the disparate parts of yourself and reunify. Be a magnet and call yourself into wholeness. Don’t be fooled by the bling that is trying to distract you.

Friday 2nd

Moon in Gemini
The Moon is void all day long. Release your expectations. The feminine qualities of Gemini are meant to be explored today. Be fluid, be centered, be love. You may not need to speak or act on your truth today, but you must be your truth. Being it will communicate volumes. Reclaiming is part of mix, today, too, because the Moon sextiles Eris and Venus opposes Chiron. The metaphor of the magnet works here. You are calling yourself back into yourself. There are parts of you fragmented from different experiences this life and others. See those pieces returning to you now.

Saturday 3rd

Moon in Cancer
There is a lot to feel sensitive about, but there is no need to take any of it personally. The Sun opposes Juno today and relationships and the constraints they may pose on us are up for review. No blaming. Just watch how the tension you may feel is because of an unfulfilled desire. That desire is your own responsibility to fulfill. Keep looking for the blessing and you will get what you need.

Sunday 4th

Moon in Cancer
Mercury leaves his shadow today and enters a whole new cycle. Anything related to your thoughts, communication, and the expansion of your awareness is important. It’s a new beginning of sorts. The Moon is nearly dark, so on some level, trust and know that you are clearing and readying yourself for something new. It’s a rich quiet time emotionally. Listen closely.

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