weeklyweatherIf you haven’t been giving yourself the time, space and permission to relax or recharge in the past few days, please give it to yourself on Monday right before the New Moon. The famous grand sextile of last week was probably a bigger activation that we can fathom. I’ve heard from a few people (including myself) that they’ve been fatigued and have had periods of feeling wiped out. Not only are we integrating, but we are gaining practice creating from a still place – it’s called regenerating/rejuvenating.

The Moon is new this week in Leo – which means the Sun and Moon conjoin and begin a new monthly phase. I talked extensively about Leo two weeks ago. It’s all about abundance and so we often come face to face with our lack. Consider the next Moon phase a cycle of abundance in all of its many facets. You’ll see it all over your life experiences if you are looking with non-judgment and a soft gaze.

The trine energy is still reverberating through us and helping us trust our intuitions and gut feelings, but there are also lots of squares and grand cross type energy going on. I realized last week this is like a hand drum…there needs to be a frame that the drum membrane stretches over in order to maintain its appropriate timbre.

Yes, there is a lot of flow and connectivity that is opening our eyes, but we are also feeling the demands of holding a new way of being for ourselves. It’s very dynamic and honestly a bit confronting, right? All in the best of ways.

Moon Phase: Balsamic to New to Crescent
rejuvenating, conceiving, energizing

Monday 5th

Moon in Cancer moving into Leo
The Moon is void for the early part of the day and is officially “dark” when it moves into Leo around 1pm ET. Even though it is Monday and the demands of the work week are in front of you, this is a day calling for quietude and rejuvenation on the inner planes. To allow yourself this restorative stillness is as easy as letting yourself have it. You may also get a valuable glimpse at how the mind protests with shoulds and shouldn’ts. Watch yourself without judgment and “see” the wrestling you do with yourself.

Tuesday 6th

NEW Moon in Leo
The Sun and Moon come together in Leo launching us into the next Moon phase on a positive note. Vesta, former asteroid turned planet, is intimately involved in the new energy. Vesta symbolizes service born out of passion. Use this New Moon fertile time to dive into what really matters to you. Don’t look for the answer in your head. There is a reason the spark of the Leo consciousness lives in your emotional energy field.

Wednesday 7th

Moon in Leo moving into Virgo
The Moon has been void of course since yesterday evening and won’t move into Virgo until just before noon. Sit in this darkness actively. Here’s how illumination works: you sit in darkness and practice doing nothing (be open, gather your strength, be present) then, all of a sudden, the light goes on. Action. Jupiter and Pluto oppose each other today activating the kite of the grand water trine. Your multi-dimensionality is clearer; evidence of the transformation you’ve gone through in connecting to your highest self.

Thursday 8th

Moon in Virgo
Mercury joins the Sun in Leo today. Find the blessing. When you practice finding the value in what you are experiencing, you shift more quickly out of pain and suffering. This is not to say you are trying to change what you feel, rather you are using your spiritual discipline to choose Love. The Virgo Moon gives you the chance to exercise your emotional wisdom. It’s about causing an inner alignment that will help move you toward the abundance of this Moon cycle.

Friday 9th

Moon in Virgo
We are learning how to create from the feminine perspective in harmony with the masculine. It can feel like awkward new territory and the truth is we’re just extra sensitive right now. The Moon connects with Venus in Virgo today, a sign wholly resurrected in 5D consciousness. It’s the archetype of mastery and healing – symbolizing the place where you retrieve your human fragments and restored your divine wholeness. Contemplate your retrieval and see what is sparked.

Saturday 10th

Moon in Virgo moving into Libra
Today the Moon enters the Crescent phase, where the New Moon conception takes hold and is energized. How is your identity looking these days? It’s funny how healing and alignment, the retrieving of ourselves, enables us to simultaneously take down and let go of roles that are not in alignment with who we really are. Tangible evidence of your truth today will make it easier for you to let go and be authentic. There is both strength/support and flow to allow this to be, but it doesn’t mean making your move will be without effort and initiative.

Sunday 11th

Moon in Libra
The Moon activates a cardinal cross today, the energy of leadership. Mercury squares Saturn (part of a fixed cross – the unwavering stance of love); Pallas squares Uranus. You’ve come a long way, baby. Remember that love and honoring your truth are the foundation for conscious heart-centered living. Being centered may be very challenging today, but an attitude of gratitude will be the antidote to anything off-putting. A life without challenge is a dull one.