weeklyweatherThe Sun and Moon will oppose each other on Tuesday. It will be the second Full Moon in Aquarius in a row, since the Sun moved into Leo on July 22nd. Have you been able to fall more in love with yourself these past few weeks? That may seem hokey. Maybe it’s that the intensity of this summer’s events have created opportunities for you accept yourself more fully, more completely, such that your previous inhibitions are not so in your way. Step up. Bring to the table of life all that you are. Find the gold nugget of truth that you’ve been polishing and keep at it. The Sun will leave Leo this week and change everything, so this is your week for letting your life force be the force it is. Your reasons for hiding it or diminishing it should be pretty thin by now. No more excuses.

The Sun and Mercury move into Virgo this week. That means they are also transiting the fixed star Regulus. This is so significant… but you must it find via the right brain – through intuition, creativity, inner vision. Regulus as a fixed star has recently progressed to 0 Virgo and won’t move another degree for another 72 years….this zero point is going to be a fixture of focus for quite a while. Your intuitive experience this week is the key for gleaning the meaning of our collective move into Virgo. There are all kinds of indicators that being in nature, creating time for yourself to be in communion with any kind of nurturing, quiet, verdant or otherwise healing environment will help open you up to the specialness of this week. Don’t miss out – especially city folk. At the very least, sit with your spine up against a tree or submerge yourself in an epson salts bath. Just make it your business to balance your duties with getting quiet and centered in inner stillness.

Virgo and Regulus are symbolic of the Divine Mother, the Spiritual Mother – the one who births consciousness. Every time the Sun or any personal planet moves over this point, we will have a chance to “remember” more about what the Spiritual Mother really means to us and that recognition is bound to bring healing.

Virgo from my perspective is represented by the centaur Chiron, the Master Healer Teacher. Chiron is in Pisces right now and has been a major player in the grand water trine energy of the summer. For the next 30 days, there will be an emphasis on alignment – maybe literal in your life, as in healing, or maybe more metaphoric as in pulling things together. Virgo has to do with emotional wisdom. It’s the synthesis of allowing yourself to be just as you are and “doing” your life from a place of inspiration.

On Friday, another grand sextile starts to come into place and will be active through the first week or so of September. This is the formation of two grand trines – 3 planets connecting harmoniously in the water signs and 3 planets doing the same in the earth signs. The Moon’s nodes are central to this configuration, which makes the next couple weeks very much about right action – the theme of the whole summer, it seems. In a nut shell, are your thoughts, words and deeds in alignment or are you still fudging and doing things you aren’t fully in alignment with? The only reason misalignment exists is because of fear. It’s a good time to remember fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

MOON PHASE: Gibbous to Full to Disseminating
Ripening, Harvesting, Sharing

Monday 19th

Moon in Capricorn moving into Aquarius
The Moon is in Aquarius nearly all day, which brings all things Uranian into the picture. The Moon is nearly full and it is surely a “busy” day – lots of activity both in your environment and within your consciousness. Uranus is, after all, The Great Awakener. It’s electric today. What’s the best way to conduct electricity? Be neutral. Find your feet firmly on the ground, anchor your mind in your heart and say yes to whatever is in store for you. Aquarius is the energy through which we learn how to become unconditional, unified. Unconditional. Neutral. Being free to move in any direction at any time. Keep these buzzwords close by today.

Tuesday 20th

FULL MOON in Aquarius
Venus in Libra is starting to activate the Uranus Pluto square today, opposing Uranus who rules the Aquarian Moon. Electric! Sometimes electricity feels exciting, sometimes it feels jolting. Your task is to let it move through you and ground properly. If you are feeling aggravated, get grounded. The Earth will calm you down. Relationship tensions, in the broadest sense, are challenging. The mirror trick is really insightful today – if you were looking at an irritating situation as if you were looking at a dream, what would it say about you and your relationship to yourself? If you are stepping into yourself and breaking habits around lack, imagine the feeling of balance and fullness within your heart. My heart is full and overflowing is a great mantra for the day.

Wednesday 21st

Moon in Aquarius moving into Pisces
Today it’s Jupiter that makes an exact square and opposition to Uranus and Pluto respectively. This is just more of the feeling you’re having for the need to step up. This is distinct from the need to do anything. Rather, it means drop your cloak of despair, your weary “I’m not good enoughs,” your anything that has to do with non-acceptance. Step up means honor yourself from the highest vantage point possible. Anything else is sabotage. Pisces Moon’s can stir up a lot of nebulous fear. This is not a time to be hard on yourself or even to indulge those fears. It is a time to take a deep breath, watch the TV of your life and gain some levity. We all imprison ourselves with fearful thoughts. This is not news. The news today is your choice. And that choice is your free will.

Thursday 22nd

Moon in Pisces
This weekend another grand sextile will shape up in the heavens, more importantly in your consciousness. Today some important framework is activated that will support this grand creative flow within you. Think of a drum frame – it’s the necessary structure that allows a drum membrane to be stretched to its ideal timbre. The Sun moves into Virgo today and the fixed star Regulus acts like an amplifier for connecting with the divine qualities of this part of your consciousness. Recognize that you are being stretched in a lot of areas of your life. Another way to view “stepping up.” If you tense up, you risk tearing. Slow down, breathe deeply. Virgo is where your emotional wisdom must come into play. It’s an alignment process which will be wholesome and nourishing. Your job right now is to be in a state of allowing and to focus on taking care of yourself.

Friday 23rd

Moon in Pisces moving into Aries
The spirit of the Divine Mother is strong right now. Do not read over that too quickly. In order for us to evolve, we need to have the experiences necessary that will make an abstract spiritual concept more concrete. The Divine Mother just sounds like New Age yada yada until you have an experience where you can bridge the idea to a feeling. Do yourself a favor and make yourself “available” for a transcendental experience by getting out into nature. It can happen anywhere really, but now that the Sun is in Virgo a natural setting gives you easy access to the numinous, the higher source light that runs through you. And, don’t forget that anything extraordinary that you may feel is YOU experiencing YOU. There is no separation.

Saturday 24th

Moon in Aries
Both the Sun and Mercury are conjunct with Regulus. What does regal feel like? Try it on today. Relationships are, once again, bringing up stuff we need to clear from our energy field. You may find some of your authority buttons being pushed today, but if you look closely the point of the pushing is probably to help you do that “stepping up” thing that’s been a theme all week. If you find yourself getting too involved with the drama of your situation, take your index finger and put it on your heart. The solution is right where you are pointing. The Moon and Venus are bringing up reflection, projection, and all sorts of ways you would benefit from healing your perspective – clean your windows, polish your mirror. Look within and find out what your intuition is trying to tell you. There is tremendous flow and connection emotionally right now and with a little maturity and consciousness, you can ride that flow and find real empowerment.

Sunday 25th

Moon in Aries moving into Taurus
A beautiful picture has been forming in the sky and no doubt you’ve been feeling it come into play within yourself. There is a grand cardinal cross holding in place two trines that look like a Star of David and then a ring of connections surrounding these structures. It will mean many different things to us all, but when a piece of sacred geometry is so “front and center” in our awareness there is bound to be a reflection in our immediate experience. Sacred Geometry. Those two words alone set off the imagination. The unseen world is “revealing” itself simply because we are able to receive it now. I am reminded of the powerful new mission statement of SQ Wellness, an organization very close to my heart:

“We at SQ believe that the unseen spirit is stronger, more elegant, and more resilient than anything else. That’s why we serve spirit, and it serves the body. This is not religion, this is reality.”

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