weeklyweatherEven though summer isn’t technically over until the Fall equinox in a couple of weeks, for many this is a turning point. Summer vacations are over and school is back in session. Whatever it is to you, there is a distinct feeling of shifting gears.

At the start of the week, the Moon is in its Balsamic phase. Psychically, you may be feeling like letting go and spending some time charging your energy field in quiet and inwardly focused ways. Make peace with the recent past, so you can move forward in such a way that feels clean and uncomplicated.

The New Moon occurs on Thursday at 13 Virgo. The first aspect made in the new Moon energy is Neptune opposing Ceres. For the past couple of years, the Virgo New Moon has portended events that proved highly transformative in awakening our divine feminine consciousness. The Neptune Ceres polarity will be an enlightening kind of relationship awareness featuring divine feminine qualities. We are just getting the hang of how to work with this facet of our energy field and the Sun Moon conjunction suggests we are about to start a new cycle.

One way I can see this manifesting is re-envisioning how you nourish and feed yourself. While there are lots of valid and interesting diets and food programs like the paleo approach, slow food, the blood type diet, and the raw food craze, just to name a few, Ceres moving through Virgo could certainly reframe how we think about food altogether. As we wake up, vibration becomes more and more important. Is the food farmed with compassion and consciousness, is it prepared with loving intention, are we present and loving toward ourselves when we are eating? What is truly nourishing goes way beyond food….

We’ve experienced so much amplification this summer; we are sensitized in ways that have yet to really play out in our life. What is to be will be. Enjoy this beautiful transition from one Moon phase to the next. No matter is on your plate, take time to regenerate, rejuvenate, and replenish.

Balsamic to New
Clear Away and Conceive

Monday 2nd

Moon in Leo
Ram Dass gave a talk once called “Doing your own Being”. It’s a great guiding piece for today. For many in the States, today is a holiday honoring all that we “do.” Shouldn’t we also celebrate just how we Be? There is a theme today of dharmic doing. Can you be aware of the emotional subtleties that motivate you into action? It’s a great time to notice if your motivation to do anything today is full of conditions and other sorts of attachments or if it’s coming from an inspired place that is much more detached and heart-felt.

Tuesday 3rd

Moon in Leo
This may not be the most comfortable of days, but it’s certainly full of riches. This isn’t new material, though, so you have a chance at mastery today – as in putting your wisdom into practice. Consciously or not you have had to deal with pulling yourself together, correcting those parts of yourself and your life that are not in alignment with your highest good, and cutting ties that no longer work for you. Today brings a certain clarity and recognition that will support you in moving forward in a healthier way, that is, if you choose to do the work that gets you there. It isn’t easy. The love based path is a choice.

Wednesday 4th

Moon in Leo moving into Virgo
After a lengthy Moon void phase, the Moon moves into Virgo in the morning and enters the dark of the Moon. Oh! The still quiet richness of this space – I confess it makes me swoon. It may actually be quite challenging, honestly. Better that than boring! You may be given a glimpse of how full your coffers are with self-love and confidence. If your reserves are low and you are surprise or upset, then consider it a gift. You know now where you need to love more. If you see abundance, then maybe you will gain insight into where your resources can be shared. Take it all in as a blessing. Take nothing personally and yet take it in as the reflection you needed to see yourself, and you’ll be the richer for it.

Thursday 5th

No matter what the world looks like world event wise, there are important alignments happening – within and without. For the past few years, there has always been a significant water event that coincided with the Virgo New Moon. To comprehend it all is impossible, which is why we must go within and make adjustments there. Seize the opportunity today and for a few days following to envision yourself whole, unified, pure and divine. Use visualizations, exercise, meditation, ecstatic dance – whatever you can to get yourself to a place where you can viscerally feel those qualities within yourself. This is your service to the world.

Friday 6th

Moon in Virgo moving into Libra
The Moon is void of course for a good portion of the first part of the day. We are still in the New Moon energy. You may just have a tiny kernel of an idea of what the “new” means to you this month. That’s okay. Just keep being with that particle of light and give it love and energy. This is essentially meditation: Living meditation. Don’t get caught up in any kind of worry. Healing is in the trusting and the effort to keep your vision hi-vibe. What is coming together is probably beyond what you can perceive right now, so let it emerge.

Saturday 7th

Moon in Libra
This is one of those days to remember that what you perceive is coming from your own consciousness. It may be your unconscious/intuitive mind trying to bring something to your awareness. It may be a chance to see yourself more clearly. It may be a chance to see how projection works and hold a neutral space for someone while they point the finger at you. Whatever it is, the message is for you. The Sun taps sextiles Jupiter and taps into the big pattern in the sky still reminiscent of the Merkaba. This is personal expansion. It may be just the lift you need to fully conceive the new thing shaping up in your life after the Virgo New Moon.

Sunday 8th

Moon in Libra moving into Scorpio
The grand sextile between planets that has dominated the last few months is pulling out of form starting today. The energy it was holding is therefore more complete within our consciousness. The cake has been baked, so to speak. How perfect that we are in the Virgo energies. When the planets move through Virgo we are inevitably focused on excellence and emotional wisdom on a very personal level. This is an extra special time for sensing ourselves and our core purpose. As the Moon moves into Scorpio you have a chance to perceive your physical reality with a lot of objectivity. It is your creation. Take some time to be still and fully present with it all.

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