Two of my favorite words lately are “Wholing” (thanks to Lauren Gorgo) and “Sourcing” (thanks to the universe). Let me embellish:

It’s apropos that we upgrade our conventional understanding of healing in the midst of the Sun moving through Virgo? If you’re like me and “healing” is a part of the working definition you give to what you do and what your service is, then you’ve been feeling ready for a new orientation around the idea of healing for a good few months, if not longer. If you read Lauren’s 5D Report, the word wholing more accurately describes the shift in awareness we’ve undergone. Wholing is unity consciousness. It is saying that we are not separate from anything, not lacking, not broken, not wrong, not in progress…we are unified. Nice. Being this way adds new dimension to “everything’s perfect” or even “be here now.” And because of the uncanny “right-on”-ness of the Cosmic Clock that we use in the new astrology, the mantra for Virgo just happens to be “I AM Whole.” Try it out for the next few weeks.

As for the word “Sourcing” – I just like using it as a verb. Sourcing is when you are seeking answers within, “doing your own being,” meditating – anything that would connote you choosing love over fear.

There are a lot of planets changing signs this week. The most personal are Mercury entering Libra on Monday and Venus entering Scorpio on Wednesday. This means it could feel like a change-up kind of week. What we working with mentally and emotionally shifts.

Mercury (the mental body) moving into Libra, sign of the Mirrored Self, brings our collective awareness to all things related to perception and projection. It’s about you working with the witness within yourself – a way of being that allows you to detach from drama in your life in a healthy way.

Venus finishes her travels through Libra (she paved the way for Mercury) and will move into Scorpio. Here emotional turbulence can be transformed, or purified, into hydraulic energy that actually fuels your passion rather than sabotages it.

And of course there’s lots more going on… the most important thing you can do for yourself is to use all the Virgo planetary focus to Whole yourself via Sourcing. Smile 😉

Crescent to First Quarter
Experimentation leads to prototyping

Monday 9th

Moon in Scorpio
We are forging new and much more empowered connections between our mind/heart/body and it has felt like there has been no down time. Today Mars will square Saturn and a turning point is reached. What you say and what you do must align for your own empowerment – that’s something you have hopefully been working on. It takes commitment, vigilance, and most importantly Love of Self. Breathe deeply.

Tuesday 10th

Moon in Scorpio
It’s funny how empowerment works. You get yourself entangled in all sorts of messes just to give yourself the chance to experience unraveling the knots and it’s that very “hardship” that is designed to get you back on track with yourself. On the other side of the mess you realize how much fear and dross you burned through – purified. That is if you have chosen to see all as for your enlightenment. The planet Vesta enters Virgo and the Moon is void nearly all day. Time for the home-fires to burn brightly, that is from an empowered place (say, I AM Whole) let yourself float a bit and devote your feelings and thoughts toward loving exactly where you are, how you are.

Wednesday 11th

Moon in Scorpio moving into Sagittarius
This is possibly the most creatively igniting day of the week. The Moon is in Sagittarius and in the last stages of its Crescent phase. The experimental part of figuring out your path this Moon cycle is about to shift and ask you to get more directive. The demands of the day may not be too strong, but you would be wise to not be frivolous and miss an opportunity for a breakthrough. It’s kind of like serious play. Challenge yourself to choose a path outside of your comfort zone especially when the heart feels like the path is an opening but the mind is being skeptical. Choose the heart way.

Thursday 12th

Moon in Sagittarius
This is the quietest day of the week with no significant aspects activating in an exact way. It feels like a set-up, honestly. Like, it could be one of those days where you are gently practicing the art of doing nothing when “bam” a stroke of insight lights you up and moves you in a surprising way. The Moon squares the Sun, which marks the First Quarter of the Moon phase. This is a turning point, a moment of clarity, a moment of challenge, a moment where you must choose. You are probably ready for it.

Friday 13th

Moon in Sagittarius moving into Capricorn
The Moon enters Capricorn early in the morning Eastern Time and gives the last day of our work week some authority. This is your get down to it day, even if it is Friday. The Sun and Moon are both in Earth signs. Practicality, getting grounded, being in alignment, making what you sense more tangible – these are the themes you are working with and it’s all very purposeful and servicing your vision for the month. Here is a day where Wholing and Sourcing are palpable. Feel those words shift your internal awareness and raise your vibration.

Saturday 14th

Moon in Capricorn
This may be a day for cleaning up your act a bit. Like cleaning house, just tend to the business of being present with yourself and your surroundings and listen to the quality of your breath and inner state of alertness. Just observe and if you find yourself criticizing or focusing on what’s not “good” then recognize that overbearing part of yourself and send it some love. Virgo Sun and Cap Moon can be perfection oriented. Reframe that to seeking excellence. Pressure is not needed. Presence is, as is acceptance.

Sunday 15th

Moon in Capricorn moving into Aquarius
Looking at all of the aspects today, it does feel demanding. The demand may be very subtle, for it likely has more to do with your perspective than anything real. Fear is like that. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Of course, when you change your perspective, you change your whole world. Simple and ever so elusive. The Moon will move into Aquarius early in the morning and remind us that freedom is attained through being fully who you are without any requirements or conditions. It’s a “lose your religion” kind of day.


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