image for weekly weather report This week we have two major events that take us even deeper internally, revealing all that has been hidden within so it can be brought to light and released. Mercury will turn Retrograde on Monday, taking us back to events and plans we have focused on since October 1st and then lead us through Scorpio waters up until Thanksgiving. This process is two fold; clear and release the old and then intentionally focus to manifest the new. While we are traveling through the Eclipse Full Moon bookends (October 18 – November 17), a retrograde Mercury in Scorpio will support us to thoroughly reevaluate where we stand. In this ongoing process of reviewing and letting go, we are creating magical space for our new Selves to emerge.

21st Monday

Today, Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio at 6:29 AM EST. This is Mercury’s third and final retrograde journey of 2013 and each retrograde trek has been through emotional water signs. We have been realigning our emotions with our thinking, finding new truths about our feeling nature and bringing heart and mind into a new balance. Scorpio energy is great at identifying obstacles and getting to the bottom of things. Backtracking, investigating and regrouping are all productive activities during this time, as we open ourselves up to a purification process that will clear the way for new manifestations.

Regrets, sarcasm, or critical-stinging reactions are to be avoided and transmuted with a forgiving awareness. Some of us are just worn to the bone with all that has come to the surface and this retrograde period can stir up even more discovery. This is absolutely the wrong time to try to control or push for anything. Instead, do your best to increase your awareness and release attachment to outcomes. Significant insights can help you make much needed adjustments to plans that are already in the works. Be kind to yourself and be willing to see what is your truth and you will find yourself in a refreshed place when the Scorpio Sun enters Sagittarius on November 21st!

22nd Tuesday

The Moon travels through Gemini in a very busy fashion, making connections to six planets throughout out this day. We can encounter circumstances to observe the new heart/mind connection, with the mental brilliance of Gemini lighting up our feeling nature and emotional Scorpio, stirring our mental focus. One of my favorite sayings these days is “think with the heart and love with the mind”. We have lots of opportunities to practice that today. After such a busy day full of multitasking and multiple communications, we get a break from 8:35 PM to midnight with a void Moon. This is a great time to consciously choose to unplug from all the electronics and let your mind wonder on it’s own. You will be glad you did 🙂

23rd Wednesday

The big news today is that the Sun leaves Libra at 2:10 AM EST to join Saturn, Mercury and the North Node in deep, penetrating Scorpio. This energy is all about the alchemy of transmutation and with Mercury’s retrograde path, we are destined to experience some form of purification in our lives. There is just no getting away from the cathartic nature of this energy right now. We will do well to ride these waves of change with acceptance of what is being revealed. Passions run deep and powerful and this is a time where we can really see how we formulate our world through our emotional responses. With the Moon in Gemini until 11:36 PM, exploring your communications and writing down your discoveries will be helpful. The energy calms down some at 11:36 PM when the moon moves into Cancer, possibly soothing us into a restful night of sleep.

24th Thursday

The Cancer Moon gives a heightened emotional tone to this day and we get some support for harmonious interactions with a subtle semi-sextile between Mercury and Venus. Cancer is a nurturing influence that can feel like a welcome rain for our parched hearts and in the morning hours when she trines Neptune and sextiles Mars, we can dream up new ways to take care of ourselves and someone we love. Be mindful after 6:00 PM when the Cancer moon moves to oppose Pluto and then square Uranus. That’s when it is best to steer clear of over protectiveness and defense mechanisms that could get activated in relationships. If you find yourself wanting to engage in any kind of power struggle, see if you can just extract yourself from the situation and do something nice for yourself instead.

25th Friday

The Moon is in Cancer all day and she will trine Mercury in the morning and Jupiter in the afternoon, bringing newly gained wisdom to your awareness. Look to see what you discovered yesterday evening about your emotional state, did you see a pattern that needs clearing? Today will help that process along as long as you are owning the part you play in the dance. The Sun will trine Neptune at 6:40 PM and we can really dive off into our spiritual nature with a sensitivity that tunes us to our highest vision. With all we are learning about relationships, this aspect gifts us with greater compassion and the ability to forgive with a gentle understanding. Its also a great boost to creativity, so dream big and let your imagination soar.

26th Saturday

We leave the emotional Cancer moon behind and step into a Leo moon at 12:12 pm. Our expectations could get fired up as we feel more confident to shine brightly in some area for our lives. The Moon will square the Sun and Venus will form and inconjunct with Jupiter and we may feel at odds with a choice we have to make. Watch that you don’t overly indulge in some kind of excessive behavior because your heart’s desire is ramped up in full force. Emotional needs that are revved at this time will balance out once you resist the impulse to act unconsciously. Once more, we can gain new wisdom as we see how our emotions are tickets to take us places.

27th Sunday

The week winds up with a Leo Moon shining all day Sunday. This morning, celebrate your good feeling, generous nature and spend time getting in touch with all you have to be grateful for. No matter what has been churned up in this Scorpio storm, we can always find good things to appreciate about our lives. Get your play time in early today, because Saturn will square the moon followed by Mercury in the afternoon. The energy shifts to a more serious note as we get lessons in what your inner being is learning and how we can communicate our discoveries in a responsible way.

We are being constantly presented with opportunities to choose love over fear and awareness over unconsciousness. Big changes are in the making and the best thing we can do right now is to keep our vibe high. Be open to new tools and attitudes that can help you do just that and pace yourself on the path.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”
― Gautama Buddha

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