image for weekly weather reportFor many of us, there has been a revamping and/or an overhauling of what we value in our lives. I don’t know about you, but this last week was profound for me and it required constant regrouping and re-framing on my part to keep up with the current of changes. The profound Scorpio energy that culminated with the Saturn/Venus/North Node conjunction this last weekend, has gifted us with opportunities to re-prioritize what is really important to us. What do we really want to manifest in our world? Some of what was revealed to us in the process may have been difficult to look at, but that is only because of old fear based thinking that we get tangled in from time to time. This kind of contrast is healthy and contributes to our awakening… we just don’t want to get stuck in it. Scorpio generates forward movement as we release the stagnant patterns of the past that have held us captive. It all has value; the contrast from dark to light, constraint to freedom and fear to love. During this transition, I am constantly and diligently having to remind myself to stay out of Self judgment and appreciate who I am, trusting my Inner Being to guide me through this Rebirthing process. We are all being emotionally and spiritually stretched and although we might feel safer holding onto things as they are, everything gets easier when we just let go.

Monday 23rd

We start Monday off with a bit of a reprieve from last week’s intensity, when around 3:00 o’clock AM EDT, the Taurus Moon will be Void Of Course for 24 hours. This entire day is nestled within Divine Feminine energy and with the Moon ruled by Venus, the day is primed for heart felt discoveries. The Moon is opposite all the Venus/Saturn/North Node triple conjunction energy we have been experiencing and it illuminates the messages that are emerging from there. Taking time today to tune into the information and discoveries that have surfaced from the deepest parts of ourselves, helps us to integrate the huge metamorphosis that is taking place. Even in the midst of a busy work day, do your best to find some quiet time to tune into your inner voice and listen to what your heart has to say.

Tuesday 24th

When we wake up, the Moon will be in Gemini and we could feel the urge to get going early. If you find you energy scattering about, just take a minute to put your Higher Mind in charge of this day. Seizing opportunities to be a good listener will facilitate you being a better communicator! Even with a long to-do list and and lots of work on our plates, we can consciously choose to think with our hearts and love with our minds. Remember to breathe deep today! The asteroid Juno turns direct in Aquarius and we can begin to experience increased momentum on our journey toward Self Love and Awakening. All partnerships present the ever important mirror of reflecting our Selves back to our own Being. Opportunities to see how much we love and respect ourselves on the deepest of levels can become more apparent. Its time to love those shadowy, not so pretty places we hide from others. Now more than ever, dropping our guardedness and allowing all our facets to be seen is the key to true intimacy and connection.

Wednesday 25th

The Moon is in Gemini the entire day and communications are at the forefront. The throat Chakra (home to our vocal chords) is the place where we can bridge the heart and mind through the expression of sound. What if we were to dedicate this day to speaking only our highest truth? What if we chose to refrain from negative talk of any kind, to ourselves and others? What if we could, moment to moment, redirect our thoughts so that our Higher Mind’s were totally running the show? Today is a day to get in touch with our Brilliance! When the Sun forms and Inconjunct (The Great Eliminator) with Neptune late this evening, it could be easier to choose the high road because we would have trained for it all day long. Its not about getting it perfect, it’s about our motivation to diligently, refocus higher.

Thursday 26th

At 7:21 this morning EST, the moon will go void of course for about 8 hours, so we have yet another day immersed in the Divine Feminine energy. Hopefully you will set aside some time to tune into the inner stillness, trusting that five minutes can make the difference in your day! Then in the late afternoon, we have a wave of momentum…the Moon will make a trine to Mercury in Libra, then enter Cancer and shortly after, the Sun in Libra will trine Juno in Aquarius and Venus in Scorpio will trine Jupiter in Cancer. There is a definitive, harmonious pattern to this day and it feels as though we are being given a tremendous gift to really enjoy how far we have come, relish the wisdom we have gained and admire the beauty of all that we love and hold dear. It’s all coming from a brand new place, so allow yourself to experience this newer more authentic version of yourself, even if it’s uncomfortable! These energies make this a great day to celebrate love in all it’s many forms; kindness towards self, nurturing friendships, spreading enthusiasm, enjoying the arts and expressing your passion from a heart-felt place. There is a joy available in the flow of this energy and emotions will clearly reveal to you where your thoughts have been hanging out. If you are overwhelmed and experiencing some form of separation, its OK. There are endless chances to refocus and re-member your divine connection to Source and lighten up.

Friday 27th

The Moon in Cancer is a very busy camper as we start our day; it will oppose Pluto, trine Saturn and square Uranus… all before a 12:30 lunch time. It seems as though Cancer energy is bringing transformational, restructuring and awakening energies to bare on our emotional, intuitive psyches.
There has been a lot of emotional body recalibrating going on this week and this morning caps it all off. The balancing of our Mind/Heart connection has been and continues to be a profound one. It reminds me that our journey to resonate in the higher frequency of Love is what the Beatles were singing about! It’s real, “Love is all there is”

Saturday 28th

With a Cancer Moon and Venus in Scorpio squaring Mars in Leo, the energy is dynamic and possibly challenging. If you find yourself struggling to get somewhere or ensnared in a conflict, recognize that your urge to protect yourself is just another fear based response and pull back and re-evaluate why you are having that experience. How could you re-frame some perception you have that would elevate you to a higher place? This energy can be exhilarating and down right sexy as long as we allow ourselves to go with an open heart-felt rhythm. The Venus – Mars combo has been inviting us to dance to a new drummer, and in our willingness to move and let go, we are deepening our understanding of Self-Love. Kindness matters!

Sunday 29th

It’s a Sunday with the Moon in Leo, so let your inner light shine and make it a point to get out and play today! Mercury, the planet of communication and connection, begins its two month journey into Scorpio today. During this Autumn season, we will have extra time to explore the Scorpio influence on our perceptions and connections due to its retrograde motion that begins October 21st. This is a great time to discover some deeper truth and really Know that how you are thinking and communicating is crucial to the world you are manifesting. Remember your words are powerful and speak kindly to yourself and others, the truth no matter how painful, can be delivered with kindness and compassion. We have a chance to discover our reactionary, unconscious responses that lead us down the Rabbit Hole of negative experiences. Developing the ability to observe these responses and redirect them is ultimately liberating and opens us up to experiencing our lives as a totally creative process. The Scorpionic theme of this time is all about purging limited beliefs, emotionally embracing the “underbelly” of our Psyche and releasing all that holds us back from living our dreams.

Quote:  “All that we are is a result of what we have thought.”
Buddha (563 BCE-483 BCE)

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