image for weekly weather reportI believe this week will prove to be a very dynamic and pivotal one. During the month of October, we are building up to the 4th of the 7 Pluto/Uranus Squares on November 1st. These energies are ushering in a new way of life, while we say goodbye to the old. This series of Squares take us all the way through 2015 and during this passage the process undulates in its intensity… just like waves on the Ocean. We are learning to master the ride! Now, with Mercury in Scorpio, our thoughts are running deeper and Neptune joins in on this transformational adventure as we delve into our imagination and unearth our Highest Vision. The Sun in Libra will challenge both Pluto and Uranus forming a strong T-Square, facilitating even more cleansing and fast-paced changes. The New Moon Friday night sets ups a powerful Grand Cross that will most definitely lead us to face any imbalances in our lives and recognize that we are at a turning point, possibly one where we must choose a new route. Search your heart and allow yourself the time you need to become clear, clarity will not come from pushing and pressuring yourself, it will come from surrendering and allowing. These are the times when we must build our muscle of trust in divine timing.

There is potential all around us for new ways of Being but the only way we can see it, is to learn to resonate where IT lives. We have to diligently raise our head up and out of the lower thinking to see what is available. Huge Energies are purposefully shaking up our traditional, habitual ways of doing things and as they say in the old Star Trek… Resistance is Futile.

Monday September 30

The Moon is in Leo and generosity and appreciation of the heart rule the day! We have the potential to tap into creative, innovative solutions as Uranus Trines Pallas today. Pallas is all about Wisdom in Action, tapping us into our inner feminine guidance that can lead to greater ability to hear our own truth and when you join that energy to Uranus, there is potential for seeing and understanding like we never have before. It’s a great day to open up to a brand new perspective. Following that inner spark of intuition can fuel a ingenious way to steer through this week.

Tuesday October 1st

Just after midnight the Libra Moon will go Void of Course (VOC) until it enters Virgo at 2:52 in the afternoon. We can utilize this time inside the VOC Moon to really intuit the Libra message of how we connect and project in relationships. I feel it is an opportunity to contemplate some of the changes we can begin implementing when the New Moon comes Friday. Shorty after the Moon enters Virgo, Mercury in Scorpio will Trine Neptune at 3 degrees Pisces, bringing vast creative thinking to the surface. This energy along with the Virgo Moon, supports a healing realignment between our Conscious thoughts and our Dreams. Then a few hours later, the Libra Sun will Square Pluto in Capricorn, further emphasizing that we need to unhook ourselves from old, unhealthy attachments. There is just no getting away from this theme! As the Sun plays it’s part in the Pluto/Uranus square, a pivotal moment adds to this huge momentum of change. Relationship dynamics could be challenging and when we can recognize any discomfort or conflict that arises as an indicator of where we need to change our limited beliefs, we can move thru this energy with Grace and Dignity.

Wednesday Oct 2

Mercury enters his Retrograde Shadow today and we begin to get a clearer picture of what the theme will be for the next 6 weeks. Scorpio is famous for the Intensity it brings to bare. There is great power in this energy to manifest our physical world and because Mercury is simmering here, we need to seriously, diligently monitor our inner dialogue. Edit and Elevate all thoughts that are against Self! Feed your mind healing, loving thoughts. When you are stuck in a negative loop, take attention off the loop and focus on something that is easy to appreciate and the loop will subside from neglect.

The Moon is in Virgo all day and we need to bring parts of ourselves that feel fragmented back to Wholeness and we can’t do that in an atmosphere of criticism. Late tonight Pluto sextiles the North Node and Trines the South Node. Pluto is the Ruler of Scorpio and as its creative connection to the North Node generates all kinds of possibilities and further emphasizes that transformation is at hand. The Trine to the South Node assists us in letting go of the past… if we make the effort. We are stepping through a doorway collectively and it is up to us as individuals to uplift our perspective as we pass through into our New World.

Thursday Oct 3

The Libra Sun will form an opposition to Uranus today and this force plugs tightly into the on going Pluto/Uranus square. These are potent, groundbreaking energies and they can potentially feel uncomfortable, confrontational and surprising. The good news is they don’t have to! The way to navigate this time period is to really see yourself and where you are, being truly honest with yourself, without condemnation or resistance of any kind. I understand that that can be easier said than done, but it can be done. Moment by moment, trusting the process and aligning with our heart center, we can be assured that we will come through these challenges vastly lighter and more authentically ourselves. This Pluto/Uranus combo is clearing out worn out, old ways that keep us stuck in lower vibrations and although the process can be painful, Pluto offers the gift of regeneration in return. We can really become new! We have another VOC Moon beginning at 3 in the afternoon and lasting until the Moon enters Libra at 11 PM. With all that is going on…it would be appropriate to gift ourselves with some rest during this time, a self-nurturing activity would be perfect to end the day.

Friday Oct 4

We have a New Moon this evening at 11 degrees Libra and the Sun and Moon, hand in hand will set the stage for what we choose to manifest over the next two weeks. Connection in relationships are being tested as we experience a potent Cardinal Cross that is both dynamic and creative. Get out ahead of your reactive attitudes today by getting really centered for some possibly stormy weather. It is important to consciously direct the energy today instead of it directing you. With Uranus and Pluto providing a turning point in this powerful dance, its all about understanding your dynamics in your relationships are just reflecting the dynamics in yourself. Keep your hand on your own dial and let going of trying to dial in the other person’s response. We can gain real insight into our patterns that have left us feeling depleted in all forms of relationships and find new ways to create harmony and balance. One of my favorite sayings seems appropriate here:
The way out is in 🙂

Saturday Oct 5th

Today we get to expand our new understanding that is sprouting from the New Moon yesterday. What can we learn about how we celebrate connecting to the ones we love? How can we stop projecting our fears onto others? What must we change to Love ourselves more completely? How can we come to see more beauty and experience more balance in our lives? Another VOC Moon will give us the backdrop to tune inward from 6:30 PM to midnight. This is a great time to reflect on questions like these.

Sunday Oct 6th

When we wake up the Moon will have moved into Scorpio, echoing the theme of this pivotal week. Where have we felt dis-empowered? What fears have we been honest enough to discover? How can we begin to manifest an enriched reality… one in which we are more loving to ourselves and others? Mercury will conjunct the North Node and oppose the South Node setting the stage for a clear mental choice to be made, away from old Karmic patterns and the Moon will help us dive deep to find the truth. Later, when Mercury Sextiles Pluto, we can discover creative, new solutions to rewrite our script. We are the Author and Director of our Story, lets make it a good one!
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