image for weekly weather reportReally, do you ever remember a time so profoundly full of change? Themes of transformation, releasing the old and embracing the unknown continue this week, but there is a definite turning of the tides. As we build towards the Full Moon on the 17th, some sense of clarity is beginning to appear through all the storm clouds that have engulfed us and we begin to emerge optimistic and hopeful.

As I am writing this, Haiyan (Super Typhoon) had just slammed into the Philippines with sustained winds of 195 mph and Gusts up to 235 mph. This fast moving, giant storm is just another example of the powerful winds of change that are rearranging our world during the infamous Pluto/Uranus square sequence. Stories of loss and survival, extremes and miracles, swirl are all around us. I can tell you it has effected me in a very positive way, reminding me that life is a gift and every moment is precious and that the only place of power is in the NOW! Breathe deeply while theses waters find their way to new ground and keep your head up and your heart open… we are headed for a brand new way of Being!

Monday the 11th

We start the week out with my favorite 11/11 numerical formation and it’s all about personal mastery. With the Moon in Pisces all day and Mercury trining Neptune this afternoon, its a great day to tune into the vastness and go beyond your limited perception of rules and reality. There is a heightened sensitivity available that can amplify your intuition. Monday is a busy work day for many of us, so how can we apply that when we are not lying on the beach somewhere? It’s all about your imagination and connecting it to your highest visions, using your creativity, to bring about expanded, harmonious communications. In the break room, on the phone, in your car, in meditation… you can apply this anywhere.

While Mercury was retrograde we were gathering and reviewing information from deep emotional analysis, now that it is direct, we can begin to see how to apply what we have learned into new action. By November 27th, Mercury will have left his retrograde shadow and all the breaks will be off. Use this time through Thanksgiving to increase your clarity and proposed direction and then trust that by the end of the month, strategies and arrangements will really begin to move forward. So much has been washed away and its time to prepare ourselves for what comes in it’s place. We can begin moving forward now, taking baby steps to start.

Tuesday the 12th

Good news! We get another day of serene and compassionate energy leading the way, with a VOC (Void of Course) Moon in Pisces from 9:34 AM to nearly Midnight. Its a gentle day, a sensitive influence turned inward, calming our stormy seas. Adding to this “lightening up”, the Sun forms an exact trine to Jupiter, and we are gifted with another benevolent cosmic line up that will ease the rocking seas we have been tipping in.

Its interesting to note that Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, more than twice as massive as all the other planets combined. When the light of our Sun joins harmoniously with this giant, what ever we have been giving our conscious attention to, is now fueled by this optimistic, fortunate union. There is a new warmth and inner wisdom available to our weary souls and all we need to do is slow down, tap into it and feel the good vibes.

On top of that, the Moon in Pisces will connect to this Sun/Jupiter Conjunction and form a Grand Water Trine. Yummy! Tremendous, creative energy is available, so allow yourself to still your emotional waters and find new inspiration that is connected to your highest vision and dreams. Harmonious, emotional energies offer a new state of comfort around all we have experienced and witnessed.

Wednesday the 13th

This is a very different energy than yesterday, as we wake up to a Moon in Aries and we are raring to get started. Aries is all about innovation and a fiery need to move forward. As impulsive as this energy can feel, we can remind ourselves that we have plenty of time to accomplish the tasks in front of us, so pace yourselves.
Venus in Capricorn forms a harmonious aspect to the North Node first thing, further emphasizing that what we have come to value most in our lives, can now align with our evolution in an open heart-filled, loving way. Finances, relationships and self-worth all come into play and it’s important that we take some steps, however small, towards our personal development with love and abundance!

The water and earth elements are humming a sweet song on this day as Neptune turns direct.
Nebulous Neptune has been retrograde since the 4th of June, revealing our authentic dreams to us in subtle ways. Emersing us to the core inner level of our psyche, Neptune enlightens us and reveals where we have been in denial and/or escaping from what we have been avoiding and are needing to face. We could feel a little spacey and ungrounded while Neptune shifts to forward motion, so if the day feels dreamy and motivation stalls out, know it is temporary. Now that Neptune has turned direct, it is paramount that we not stick our heads in the sand and hide from what we have discovered. It’s time to take what we have learned on an inner level and bring it out into the open, so we can see thru the illusions we have constructed in our life. This is also a perfect time to initiate acts of kindness, donate to charity and give to those less fortunate.

Thursday the 14th

With the Moon in Aries until 3:57 PM, we continue to be fired up and perhaps a bit impulsive. It’s best to think before you speak because this evening, Venus and Uranus form an exact square and this is bound to shake up relationships and issues around what we value, including finances. This can be good news if you have needed to reinvent a relationship gone stale, or you simply want to spice up your love life with a surprise. There is a VOC Moon from 3:57 PM until midnight, that will help to calm the surprising desires associated with this alignment.

Venus in Capricorn will sextile Chiron at 11:00 PM and we are reminded of how our desire for structure and consistency in relationships can bring about a reunification and healing. Here again we can see if a lack of self worth is interfering with us getting our needs met. If we truly love ourselves and commit to take care of our own needs and boundaries, we set ourselves up for healthy relationships that flourish. Any disruptions that occur today, have the potential to provide us with breakthroughs that facilitate releasing any resistance that impedes our progress.

Friday the 15th

The Moon enters Taurus early this morning and we are moving slower and perhaps more stubbornly as the day unwinds. Tune into that inner voice and trust that it is your best GPS for today. In the late afternoon, Venus will conjunct Pluto and open the door to our hidden desires and passions. Because Uranus will square this intense union, be ready for possible spontaneous adventures of the heart and stay open to what you could not see before.

Watch out for issues of self worth that may crop up and be aware of what you are projection onto someone else. Power struggles often arise when Pluto is involved, so it’s best to own your part in any dispute and learn from what is unearthed as a result. Secrets can come to light revealing truths that can set you free. Passions are running high and it’s time we ask what is the driving force, love or fear? All the fear-based unconscious motivations are creating breakdowns so we can transmute them to breakthroughs.

Saturday the 16th

The Moon is in Taurus all day, with creature comforts and earthy pleasures grabbing our full attention. Although the Moon will appear to be full tonight, it will actual happen Sunday morning. Most of this day is about enjoying ourselves while Mercury is very busy out on the Ecliptic. Our higher minds are downloading tons information into our newly awakened consciousness. This won’t require any effort on our part other than to keeping our mental focus on positive, good feeling thoughts. After all the intensity, this is a sweet day to bask in. Enjoy yourself and by all means get outside if you can.

Sunday the 17th

This Taurus Full Moon is all about establishing a healthy relationship to your physical world. With the opposition to all the Scorpio energy and Uranus forming a square to Venus and Pluto, I feel that this Full Moon will clarify much of what has been stirred up during the eclipse period, from which we are now emerging. The Moon will go VOC right after it is full at 10:16 AM, indicating that the day will be relatively quiet to start. Jupiter will help us out with a harmonious aspect to the Sun and Moon, bringing a sense of well being and wisdom into the mix. We will need to stay open to more changes, as evolution (Pluto) and revolution (Uranus) are creating turning points designed to redefine our guidelines for relationships and all that we hold dear. Tensions could erupt around relationships and money and if they do, it is an opportunity for you to observe what needs to be changed and commit to making the necessary adjustments for a better balance in your life. Mercury will conjunct the the North Node in Scorpio in the late evening and messages about transformation, regeneration and rebirth will wind up the night.

Venus, the goddess of Love, rules Taurus and she is all about beauty and loving the deliciousness of life. She aligns with Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio and unveils passions of the deepest order. The Scorpio Cauldron we have been churning in, can now reveal through the transmutation of our own darkness, some new alchemical revelation that is bound to shake things up and potentially lift us up to higher ground. This is a good time to take stock of your life and look back over the last month and acknowledge what has been released and what has been gained. I am picturing a fire pit shared with good friends, good food and a vast appreciation for the beauty of this world. Happy Full Moon 🙂

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” Albert Einstein

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