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Monday the 2nd

We have a New Moon this evening at 7:22 PM, when the Sun and Moon reunite in our heavenly sky. This is a great time to plants seeds from forward-thinking optimism and to look at where we can expand our perspective and become more open minded, more adventurous, more truthful. Sagittarius is full of hope, Ruled by Jupiter and all about extracting wisdom from the deep, Scorpio-cauldron experience that we just had. The Eclipses spun us around and brought us to new shores in some area of our lives and for many of us, it was a rough ride.

Chiron will square this New Moon and there is a chance that we could encounter an old wound as we aim for greater heights. Don’t let that stop you, use it, acknowledge how it has served you and take the healing gift from it and then move on. Now we can begin to discern what all of that was about and apply it to creating our new, broader, more expanded reality. Use this evening to aim high and look for ways to clear your decks for new beginnings.

Tuesday the 3rd

We rise with the Moon in Sagittarius all day, one of my favorite energies! Perspectives are upbeat and hopeful and we get an even bigger boost, when Mercury in Scorpio sextiles Mars in Virgo at 11:35 AM. This is fantastic, cosmic support for coming up with creative solutions to revamp business and personal plans. Conversations can transform and motivate us with authentic enthusiasm, to take actions that now reflect a greater understanding. Go for it! Get out of your routine…find some adventure! Meet and greet 🙂

Wednesday the 4

The Moon will be in Capricorn all day and this can ground us after yesterday’s lofty lift off. The Capricorn Moon will engage the ongoing Pluto\Uranus square and this brings opportunities for emotional disruptions, if we are too attached to solid plans. Remain flexible and open minded and you may discover better tools and tactics to ensure your success. Ask yourself how you can implement some of this fresh, upbeat energy in practical ways that can spawn constructive results.

We are given more assistance early in the day, when the Sun sextiles Ceres at 7:17AM, illuminating directions that can enhance how we nurture our sense of well being. Mercury moves into Sagittarius at 9:42 PM and remains there until December 24th, adding to the welcomed, optimistic trend. This is the time to discover where our thinking has lead to limiting beliefs that we have outgrown. The archer aims high during this time and we can see further with new vision; we just need to remain humble, grounded and compassionate in the process. As we seek the higher truth and desire to express it, we need to steer clear of self righteousness and exaggeration when wanting to make a point.

Thursday the 5th

Our Capricorn Moon is very busy today and provides several opportunities for clarification when it will oppose Jupiter at 8:31 AM and conjuncts Venus at 4:47 PM. What have you discovered about your ambitions, your desire for leadership, your longing to connect to the wisdom of your inner voice? How do you listen to your heart and where have you given your authority away unnecessarily?

This day can reveal some answers and when Jupiter forms an incunjunct with Juno at 12:11 PM, you may feel the impetus to make a choice when it comes to partnerships. Let the day unfold and when the Moon enters Aquarius tomorrow at 1:53 AM, you will have a more detached perspective to look at situations from a broader view.

Friday the 6th

Today the Aquarius Moon will sextile Mercury in the morning and Uranus in the afternoon. Watch for new ways of thinking to expand your view and be open to an awakening of some kind, look around and see if you can perceive in a fresh new way!

In the afternoon at 4:31 PM, Mercury in Sagittarius will form a square to Neptune in Pisces. Don’t be surprised if things seem a bit confusing today, it might be challenging to handle details and keep communications straight. There is a general fog in the air, so refrain from personalizing any misunderstandings. Instead, use this energy to tap into your highest vision and even if it seems unreasonable, tuck it away in your dream pocket… trusting it will find a way into your world when divine timing dictates.

Saturday the 7th

We awaken into a VOC Aquarian Moon that lasts until midnight tonight. Hopefully you can take some time to rest within this vast space and choose activities that are supportive and nurturing to yourself. Do you take time to appreciate yourself and acknowledge your own divinity? This would be a lovely day to ponder that and consider loving yourself the way Source does.

Mars moves into Libra 3:41 PM where he will reside for the next 8 months. There is a theme emerging around actively negotiating in a way that is fair and balanced. Firey Mars is not necessarily comfortable in the lovely air sign of Libra, but it will generate plenty of opportunities for debate and banter as we cruise into 2014. Indecisiveness will eventually give way to productive solutions that create win/win scenarios.

Sunday the 8th

It’s a whimsical, lunar day as the Moon enters Pisces at 3:35 AM. Sensitivity levels are heightened and kindness is the order of the day. This is a Sunday for staying in bed late, snuggling, romance, dreaming, hot coco, movies, painting and all forms of artistic appreciation.
Watch out for escaping too far off into substances that could muck up your atmosphere. It’s a day to take it easy, pull back and look at the Big Picture with the intuitive nature of your imagination. As the Holiday Season ramps up, find ways to Be at Peace.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”
― Winston Churchill

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