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Monday the 3rd
We wake up to a very different vibe from our dreamy Sunday, The Void of Course is over and events move forward quickly. The dial gets turned up on the fire when the Aries Moon joins Uranus for a zingy, fast paced dance at 4:17 PM. Listen for downloads of brilliant ideas to come at lightning bolt speed. Try to pace yourself so needed course corrections don’t completely derail you.

After dinner, the Moon amps up to some possible conflict or progress, depending on how you handle it. The Lunar fire will square expansive Jupiter, trans-formative Pluto and desirous Venus between 8:26 and 11:40 PM. Choose the highroad the entire evening, allow some space for your reactions to breathe and resist being hasty and you are sure to add to your evolutionary growth.

Tuesday the 4th
It’s another fiery day with the Moon in Aries dominating the airwaves. The Moon sextiled the Sun at 2:31 AM last night, lightening up the morning and we can pour lots of energy into shaking things up that might feel stuck. We want to get moving, so be open to making connections in fresh new ways, as we benefit from being out in the world today.

The energy might require some course corrections starting at 3:37 PM when the Moon and Saturn hook up in a not so comfortable way – most likely requiring some patience. There is a Moon/Mars opposition at 6:14 PM and because the Aries Moon is ruled by Mars, agitation can be accentuated. Simultaneously, the Moon goes VOC and energies are best spent reflecting inward…take your fire inward and if you are restless… get some exercise, move your muscels, go to the gym!

Wednesday the 5th
After two fast-paces days, the tempo simmers down to a pace that feels a bit more manageable. We wake up to a grounded, sensual, Taurus Moon that forms harmonious aspects the entire day! She sextiles Mercury in Pisces just before lunch, making for some sweet conversations and earthly delights. Next, she sextiles Neptune, bringing fantasies alive and gentle compassion on board.

Jupiter in Cancer will sextile Chiron in Pisces mid-afternoon, paving the way for wisdom to heal old wounds that may still be sensitive. This is potentially one of the smoothest days we have this week, so please… take some time to feel the relief and show a little tenderness to yourself and others.

Thursday the 6th
The 1st half of today’s energies are pleasing and deliver a sense of ease to our tasks. More lovely Lunar aspects were activated while we were sleeping. How were your dreams, can you remember anything? Your inner voice can be vocal and it’s a great time to trust it. This Taurus Moon energy is earthy, patient and ruled by Venus, so hearts are open and the senses are heightened.

At 2:53 PM there is a shift when the rooted, Taurus Moon forms her 1st quarter square to the visionary, Aquarius Sun. We may be faced with a dilemma… how can we implement some of our new ideas, while being tethered to a current situation. Watch out for stubbornness, instead plan course corrections that extend to pathways that make sense.

Here is the planet Mercury’s story…the messenger turns retrograde today at 4:43 PM at 3 degrees Pisces and will travel back to brilliant Aquarius on February 12th. He will turn direct on February 28th, leave his shadow on March 8, then re-enter Pisces on March 27th. This is a period of time when our thinking can get recalibrate and realigned. We can root out old beliefs that are holding us back.
Mercury retrograde has acquired a reputation that has been popularized into a distorted, negative title. I personally don’t adhere to it, I choose to see it as a time of reflecting inward. Sometimes communications get screwed up because we are just not paying attention,so do pay careful attention to all agreements.

Friday the 7th
The Moon enters Gemini just after lunchtime and our communications take off in double time. Curiosity is running the day with lots of info back and forth. Later after dinner, the Moon will square Mercury at 8:03 PM and then square Neptune at 10:29 PM. It might be challenging to decipher what is real and what is imagined. Use the evening creatively and avoid trying to have a serious conversation… exaggerations and lack of clarity could cloud the truth.

Saturday the 8th
The Gemini Moon sextiles Uranus in the morning and we may find everyone chatty and playful. Starting at 2:31 PM there are several aspects that color the rest of the day with a need to make adjustments. We can bypass frustration by seeing how we can share ideas about changes that need to be made without pushing, or over emphasizing something.

Sunday the 9th
We awaken with the Moon and Sun harmonizing in the mental air signs of Gemini and Aquarius. Conversations are electrifying, good-natured, futuristic and insightful. This is a great day for gathering with friends and entertaining. Just after 4 PM Mars joins these harmonious air signs, adding confidence and further adding to the uplifting attitude of the day. Its a great time for creative writing and positive communications in all relationships. We end the the week on a welcomed up beat note… enjoy!

Mindfulness and awareness is the bridge between reaction and conscious choice.
Hal Tipper

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