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Monday the 3rd
The Moon in Aries engages the on-going Grand Cross energy when she squares Jupiter, conjunct Uranus and then squares Pluto all by at 8:45 AM. I wouldn’t be surprised if our sleep was restless, or that we awakened with inspired thoughts of what we need to change to move forward.

This momentum is further supported by a powerful connection, when the Sun sextiles Pluto today. This aspect is so helpful for harnessing the power we need to overcome challenges and supports a transformational state of consciousness. Adding to that, the Pisces Sun conjuncts Chiron, suggesting that a great healing can take place. Compassion and a deeper spiritual connection are prominent. The origin of the word Heal… is to make Whole, to restore to original state. So our healing is really about remembering our Wholeness!

Tuesday the 4th
Welcome to Fat Tuesday, it always falls the day before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. The fiery Aries Moon opposes Mars in Libra at 9:44 AM and we may need to watch out for relationship disturbances as the Moon will then square Venus at 12:31 PM. Use this energy as a way to see more clearly how you construct the dance between you and a significant other. Observe and learn, rather than react and defend.

The Sun forms an unsettling connection to Venus, possibly stirring up feelings of financial insecurity or low self esteem for some and our challenge is to recognize our worthiness, while steering clear of neediness that longs for attention for validation.
The Moon Enters Taurus just after 2 and provides relief and a return to a greater sense of ease and stability. The Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune right before midnight and tensions further dissolve into a sea of pleasure, dreams and forgiveness.

Wednesday the 5th
Today the Taurus Moon harmonizes with Jupiter, Pluto, Chiron and the Sun bringing great potential for an optimistic attitude to open doors for new creative possibilities and solutions. It’s worth taking a moment to feel encouraged and make an effort to milk the positivity for all it’s worth.

After marching back and forth in earthy Capricorn since November 6, 2013, Venus enters Aquarius today at 4:03 PM. Venus will be in Aquarius until April 7th and during this time matters of the heart are freed up to encompass more original, innovative and unconventional connections. It’s a great time to bring down walls and for making connections that support equality and cooperation. Relationships can find a new sense of independence that supports a more balanced way of relating.

Thursday the 6th
The Taurus Moon opposes Saturn in Scorpio at 8:55 AM and it might be hard to get going. Steer clear of stubbornness on your part or someone else’s and any feeling of being stuck will pass quickly.

The big event today is Jupiter turning direct just before Sunrise. This opens the gates for moving forward, greater optimism and and applying wisdom we have gained since Jupiter turned retrograde November 8th 2013. The sense of “getting going” can be slowed somewhat by Mars retrograde for the next 2½ months. Meanwhile,we can apply newly discovered wisdom and recognize that plans are not stalled out, instead they are being revised in light of greater understanding and the momentum is happening at the perfect speed.

The Moon enters versatile Gemini at 9:37 PM as she evokes curiosity and starts lots of playful conversations. The Gemini Moon goes on to trine Venus at 11:45 PM when we are poised for some light-hearted, social fun-time, Enjoy!

Friday the 7th
The Gemini Moon squares Neptune 8:11 AM and we may want to just keep dreaming, so if you have a ruff time getting moving, don’t worry about it, most people will be feeling much the same. Confusion can be avoided by diving into creative outlets; it’s not a day to push for results.

The fast thinking Gemini Moon sextile Uranus at 7:00 PM and clarity returns like lightning. Allow the evening to surprise you with a fresh perspective and a playful heart.

Saturday the 8th
The Gemini Moon squares the Sun at 8:27 AM and we may be unclear about how to get some plan anchored into reality. Practice higher-mind attention and say no to fear based thinking! Over thinking will only stress you out and cannot get the results you desire… so let it rest.

Mid afternoon the Moon trines Mercury in Aquarius and our mental faculties come on strong and we are thinking sharp and future focused. This is a great time to allow yourself to be seen for who you truly are, removing walls you have built for self protection. When the Moon forms a frictional connection to Saturn at 7:09 PM, don’t let it close the door on your earlier, easier perspective. Instead, just make necessary adjustments from that place of higher love.
Don’t forget to set your clocks forward if you live with Daylight Savings Time!

Sunday the 9th
The week ends with the Moon entering Cancer at 9:33 AM and our day is colored with emotional sensitivity and a strong focus on home, protection, family and nurturing. Allow this day to show you how your emotions can serve you as they rise from your heart and join with the higher-mind. We get to choose whether they empower us and free us… or dis-empower and ensnare us. They have to flow for us to let go. Let’s go for nurturing from a place of self-love and acceptance.
When the Cancer Moon challenges Venus at 4:23 PM, recognize any insecurity as a disconnect from the truth of who you really are and choose to nurture yourself instead. Better still, pass the caring forward to loved ones or strangers with the understanding that kindness is your best response.

The Cancer Moon trines Neptune in Pisces at 8:46 PM and our intuition is laid wide open to the limitless field of potential. We can spend this evening in a sea of appreciation for all the beauty this world has to offer and beyond.

“It’s not that everything will always be good; it’s that it’s always been good, even if you weren’t aware of it.”

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