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Monday the 10th
The emotionally sensitive, Cancer Moon is very busy this morning as she conjuncts Jupiter at Sunrise, then squares Uranus at 8:05 AM and forms an opposition to Pluto around Noon. This speaks to an unstable environment where attempts to stay in control of circumstances could lead to frustration. At the same time, it presents an opportunity to break the mold and risk a new perspective.

It’s interesting to note that in a split second we can unconsciously react, take something personal and jump into a defensive, unpleasant zone. OR… we can stop, observe the moment, take a breathe and remind ourselves that it’s an opportunity to grow beyond our own short sightedness. The Moon will trine Chiron at 1:22 PM bringing a healing tone to the rest of the day; once again kindness begets the best results!

Tuesday the 11th
There is lots to say about this astrally packed day! While we slept last night, The Cancer Moon and the Pisces Sun formed a harmonious connection that may have brought cosmic dreams. Meanwhile, we have a strong aspect coloring the entire day as Mercury in Aquarius squares off with Saturn in Scorpio and many of us could face some communication challenges and transportation could be blocked or delayed. There is a hidden gift in this energetic that will take some effort to uncover. Limited thinking and negative beliefs are not the way to go… instead, make an effort to dig deep and find hidden truths that once revealed, will lead to a powerful liberation of your own inner authority.

The Moon stays busy with a trine to Saturn at 8:29 AM, bringing illuminating support that will add to the potential for new clarity that can bloom today. Just 30 minutes later, the Moon will quincunx Mercury and we will need to make adjustments to relieve some discomfort or awkward situation.
The Late afternoon brings a Moon/Mars square at 3:50 PM, when we then begin a Void OF Course that lasts until the Moon moves into Leo at 10:09 PM. The VOC time is best spent cultivating patience and possibly contemplating how irritation can be a message to check in, slow down and discover the real root of any agitation. The ongoing Mars retrograde presents a slower pace to the “rat race” and we would do well to get in sync with it.

Wednesday the 12th
The Leo Moon will quincunx Neptune in Pisces at 9:37 AM and then oppose Venus at 9:57 AM so our morning could get off to a bumpy start. This energy can carry on throughout the day and the light of the Moon can show us where we might be holding back when it comes to our hearts desire.
The Leo Moon will trine Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) at 9:00 PM and we could be pleasantly surprised by an unconventional approach that taps us into gratitude and can support an awareness of the highest form of self-love.

Thursday the 13th
The Sun in mystical Pisces trines powerful Saturn in Scorpio today and a heightened intuition makes for a strong cosmic connection. Any great idea or dream you have, now gets powerful support to bring it into physical manifestation. Take some time to get in touch with your highest vision and ask yourself what steps you can take to make it real. The take them!

The Leo Moon will square Saturn at 8:48 PM and the shadow revealing Scorpio energy might point out where we let others determine how we define our hearts desire. It’s a good time to ask yourself where do you give your power away in exchange for approval and is it worth it.

Friday the 14th
We wake into a VOC Moon that is buzzing from the sextile it formed to Mars while we slept. The VOC energy shifts swiftly when the Moon enters Virgo at 9:18 AM and we begin our connection to the Full Moon in Virgo tomorrow. The lightened side (Love) of Virgo energy is Divinely Feminine and all about remembering our “wholeness”, being able to experience the “Forest with all of the Trees” and emotionally connecting from the Heart. The shadow side (Fear) is overly discriminating, critical, highly perfectionistic and can be obsessed with details. So as we head to the Full Moon tomorrow, notice where you are dancing in the Virgo energy… the shadow or the light.

Mercury trines Mars just after Noon and we are given a boost with how to move forward. As Mars likes to move, it has been challenging for us to experience Mars energy, Retrograde in the sign of the “Mirrored Self”! The Retrograde is providng us with a profound inner view of how we project into our relationships both positive and negative expectations. Today, Mercury gives us a message about this journey and it’s worth listening to. Ultimately our inner freedom to truly love will be increased by the work we do now. The Moon opposes Neptune at 9:41 PM and we can feel the “Bridge” between the Virgo details and the Pisces vastness. Keep an open heart to cross freely back and forth between the two!

Saturday the 15th
The Virgo Moon sextiles Jupiter at 7:07 AM and we are lit up with lists of what we can accomplish today. Jupiter expands whatever he connects with, so be willing to make needed course corrections that will steer you away from any over-analytical, hyper-critical thought patterns. We are charged with monitoring our minds and redirecting our thinking to the heart center where we can release all that we judge as insufficient.

The Virgo Moon trines Pluto at 12:33 PM giving us a chance to transform some pattern that we have become conscious of, pay attention to what can be reborn in your life that better suits who you have now become.
At 2:04 PM the Moon opposite Chiron and we are invited to see even deeper into the Virgo/Pisces polarity. Great transformational gifts continue to present themselves as we stand perched on this bridge between two worlds.

Sunday the 16th
We have been feeling the build up to this Full Moon since it entered Virgo early Friday. It peaks at 26 degrees at 1:08 PM and goes VOC until 6:37 PM. So much has changed in the last week with Planets changing directions and signs, (Saturn and Mars are now Retrograde, Jupiter is now Direct and Venus is in Aquarius) and this Full Moon allows us to see where we stand in the cross current energies. Saturn trines the Sun and sextiles the Moon, bringing tremendous support to what ever is coming to fruition. Pisces brings limitless potential with no boundaries and Virgo brings form and alignment.

We can release the old and get on track to future manifestations with a new found focus and discipline. A square between the Full Moon and the Galactic Center further intensifies the momentum for change and letting go! Take some time to acknowledge how far you have come and let up on any self-criticism or doubt that could rear it’s inappropriate head. Tonight the Moon enters Libra at 8:46 PM and our focus turns to to a deep need to find peace and balance after a very big day. Look for the beauty in life before you go to sleep tonight and set the tone for the attitude you will wake up with tomorrow.

“Be present as the watcher of your mind — of your thoughts and emotions as well as your reactions in various situations. Be at least as interested in your reactions as in the situation or person that causes you to react. Notice also how often your attention is in the past or future. Don’t judge or analyze what you observe. Watch the thought, feel the emotion, observe the reaction. Don’t make a personal problem out of them. You will then feel something more powerful than any of those things that you observe: the still, observing presence itself behind the content of your mind, the silent watcher.” Eckhart Tolle

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