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Weekly Weather for March 17th – 23rd
Times are written for E.D.T.

Monday the 17th
It’s St Patrick’s Day and the Libra Moon is all about looking for the balance and the beauty in relationships. The Lunar energy connecting to Neptune and Jupiter today may reflect a desire to overdo or indulge in excess as we attempt to rediscover a comfort zone that evades us today. It’s best to stick to moderation and understand we are having to make adjustments to our social identity and this is just part of the process.

Mental Mercury leaves Brilliant Aquarius and enters Dreamy Pisces at 5:24 PM today and our thoughts enter the watery realm where imagination rules. Mercury will swim through Piscean waters until April 8th, so use this swift passage to dream and allow your imagination to introduce you to your inner Artist and discover new, spiritual horizons that are boundless and highly creative.

The Moon will form challenging aspects to Uranus at 5:50 PM and to Pluto at 9:12 PM, so pay attention to your emotional reactions and realize the bigger picture of transformation that is going on here. Stop, breathe, observe and then consciously choose your responses! This is an ongoing theme every time the Moon plugs into the Pluto/Uranus square, as we head towards the epic Grand Square in late April. The more you can refine your observer verses reactor skills now… the better off you will be when the intensity rises around April 20th.

Tuesday the 18th
While the Moon continues her passage through lovely Libra, loving Venus (Heart Energy) will sextile eccentric Uranus (The Great Awakener) today. This is a recipe for wonderful surprises and realizations, particularly if you are willing to get outside the lines of your normal routine and stay open to fresh encounters of the unique kind.

The Moon will join Mars (still retrograde in Libra) tonight and we may feel motivated to address the subject of relationships with a strong desire to create a better balance. This is a great day to go for it, just don’t be pushy about it and play fair!

Wednesday the 19th
We wake up to a very different Lunar energy with the Moon in deeply passionate Scorpio. The darker side of Scorpio speaks to a lack of trust, suspicion, and judgementalism. The lighted side of Scorpio is emotionally intuitive, deeply perceptive and has the capacity to connect on a profoundly passionate level. We get to choose the lighted side today with ease, as the Moon trines Mercury around breakfast time; this is a climate for revealing truths with laser precision. There is an opportunity to get clear about what you really want and what you need to let go of or give, in order to get there. Keep compassion and kindness in the forefront of all your actions as sensitivity is heightened now.

Mid-afternoon, intuition and manifestation unite as the Moon trines Neptune (Scorpio/Pisces) and our creativity can soar. The flow of water energy continues when later tonight, the Scorpio Moon trines Jupiter in Cancer and we expand even further into these harmonious, fluid energies that engulf this day. Before we go to sleep, let’s allow ourselves to feel all that we have discovered and commit to bring that positive influence forward into our lives in constructive ways.

Thursday the 20th
After a particularly challenging Winter, we have come to greet the first official day of Spring, as the Sun moves into Aries today! Aries is bold, courageous and inventive. This is fiery energy that gets us moving over the next month and supports new beginnings as seeds (thoughts and plans) begin to sprout (manifest) above ground.

With the Moon still in Scorpio our feelings are still running deep and with a close connection to Saturn late tonight, we may feel the seriousness of measuring our resources in a cautionary way to ensure some stability. We can use this constructively to get new plans off the ground.

Friday the 21st
The Moon enters Sagittarius this morning and will trine the Sun around lunch time. There is a definite shift leaving the Scorpio depths as the Sagittarius Moon and the fiery, Aries Sun harmonize in an optimistic, “We can do this” vibration. Let’s enjoy this hopeful, uplifting energy that gets our juices flowing and ideas going. Be adventurous!

However, it would be wise to think before you speak, as this combo is so Gungho and over zealous that we might later wish we had monitored our words more consciously, when the Moon squares Mercury at 7:29 PM and then squares Neptune at 9:20 PM. Refrain from any self-righteous opinions and note that sometimes the Sagittarius Moon could use a more tactful approach to get a point across. Let the fire inspire you to new artistic and spiritual heights.

Saturday the 22nd
Take this day and celebrate all the magic it has to offer. Let Mother Nature call you outside… go play and enjoy the Moon’s sextile to Venus and Mercury’s conjunction to Neptune. This is not the best day to handle details and business, but it It is a fantastic day for creative juices flow and hearts to dream. Our artistic nature is tuned in and turned on if we will just let go and allow ourselves a pleasurable afternoon. We can handle structure and business tomorrow when the Moon enters Capricorn. Today, let your kite fly high and expand into the limitless field of potential with a smile on your face!

Sunday the 23rd
The Sagittarius Moon sextiles Mars just before sunrise and the morning is bathed in optimism, inspiration and and eagerness to get moving. This dominates the day until the Moon enters, grounded practical Capricorn at 3:04 PM. It can feel like we are coming back down off of a high, as the seriousness of Capricorn grounds us back to Earth. It doesn’t have to be a “downer”… we can instead, listen to our inner teacher and see how we can use all that we have been exposed to over the last two days, to implement a plan that incorporates discoveries in a realistic, practical way.

The Moon squares the Sun at 8:47 PM and we may feel some restriction or sense of limitation, but if we stay clear of fear-based thinking and make course corrections that make sense for manifesting our goals, this can be a helpful stepping stone towards realizing what we need to do to harness this newly inspired frequency that has shifted so much this past week.

<em>“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”</em>

Maya Angelou <br><br>

Merrily Garrett



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