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March 31st – April 6th 
It seems every week we talk about transformation and metamorphosis and this week is no exception. In fact the entire month of April is bubbling with the kind of aspects that lead to big changes. I continue to encourage us all to become good surfers as we ride the continuing waves of change.
Uranus the planet of awakening and Pluto, the planet of transformation, are moving to the 5th of 7 major squares on April 21st. This up coming configuration is particularly powerful when the Sun in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra form a Grand Cross, all in Cardinal Signs at 13 degrees. This happens in the middle of two Eclipses on the 15th and the 28th. Eclipses are know for introducing change. So, what does all of this mean? It’s not about predicting what will happen and it’s all about adapting a flexible and open minded attitude, so we can emerge stronger, clearer and more light-hearted in our lives.

Monday March the 31st
After the New Moon in Aries yesterday, we can be feeling ready to move forward swiftly, with lots of enthusiasm. At 10:22 AM the Moon will oppose Mars and the energy would be best directed towards incremental steps; taking them one at a time with awareness. This could prove challenging as many of us are eager to initiate courageous moves in new directions. Just an hour later the Aries Moon forms an inconjunct with Saturn adding to the need to heed a slowing speed. Think of it this way, you don’t want to spin out on the curves up ahead so take it easy and trust that any adjustments you need to make are still propelling forward on this path.

Around 3:00 PM The Aries Moon will sextile Venus and this is a harmonious connection that can feel good for our hearts and soothe emotional fires. Take advantage of this connection and make an effort to smooth out any rough edges that may have come from abrupt communications earlier.

Tuesday April 1st
The Moon entered Taurus just after midnight last night, helping to get us grounded for this April Fool’s Day. The Aries Sun squares Jupiter in Cancer today and we would be wise to heed some common sense in our assessment, as this is a configuration prone to exaggeration and a splay of big ideas. There could be some brilliant – wise pieces to the puzzle revealed, so be willing to decipher “pie in the sky” ideas that can’t hold up, from ones that can serve you well.

The Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune just before lunch and sextiles Jupiter around 9:00 PM, adding some playful sensuality and earthiness to this already “larger than life” kind of day. Let your creative flag fly!

Wednesday the 2nd
The Aries Sun conjuncts Uranus today and we get an intro to the bigger, intense patterns that play out April 20th – 23rd. Uranus can be full of surprises and brilliant insight and in the sign of Aries is can be challenging to hold back impulsive behavior, particularly if you are feeling restricted or provoked in some way. Take the high road with this energy and tap into your higher mind, where downloads of innovation and positive change are streaming forth. There are opportunities to see yourself in a new light, listen for your intuition to lead you.

Connections between Mars/Neptune and Venus/Jupiter can make it harder to see clearly what choices make the most sense and we may need to just wait until later tonight when Mercury trines Saturn at 10:03 PM.. This aspect can definitely bring some transparency and accuracy to thoughts and feelings that have been all over the map. We can trust the messages we get intuitively as we head off to bed.

Thursday the 3rd
We awaken to another big day with the Moon now in Gemini and the Sun squaring Pluto. The Sun’s square to Uranus yesterday and now with Pluto today, can reveal some of what the ‘Grand Cross Square’ in late April is bringing about. Traditionally, squares with Pluto involve power struggles and obsessive thinking. From a higher place it represents possibilities for great transformation, regeneration and evolution. Yes, we get more lessons around power and control and we can ride this wave of change skillfully, when we remember it’s about empowerment and not fighting for the upper-hand.

Venus semisquares Uranus today and this could be reflected in our relationships with rash behaviors and unpredictable responses due to exposed insecurities. A productive way to use this “not so comfortable” energy is to make note of what comes to light and consciously agreeing to work on it, rather than just being reactionary. Right in alignment with Spring, it’s definitely grow time!

Friday the 4th
We start this day with a semisquare between Venus and Pluto. Make no mistake about it, we are being asked all this week to let go and grow and this aspect just confirms it. Our hearts may feel vulnerable and it isn’t the easiest thing to welcome these new changes, but the alternative of holding on to what no longer works is way worse. Just be willing to see that all our relationships… to people, places, things and money, are being overhauled and it’s in our best interest that the compulsive, obsessive and unhealthy ones be purged. It’s all about creating space for a rebirth of what will serve us better as we go along.

To help us along, Mercury and Pluto hook up in a way that can deliver insights and solutions to all that has come up to be examined. The Gemini Moon will trine retrograde Mars in Libra at 9:46 PM and our emotional body and our physical body get a change to harmonize and do some mending.

Saturday the 5th
We start our weekend with a square between the Moon (emotional body) and Mercury (mental body) around 10 AM, so allow some space for indecision and rough edges… just take it easy and choose the high road in all your communications. We are headed for a smoother ride in the afternoon.

We get a big shift of energy when Venus (the planet of love) enters the forgiving waters of Pisces at 3:31 PM. Just an hour later the Moon enters Cancer to join Venus in an oceanic dance that is sure to sooth the soul and leave our hearts humming. Venus in Pisces for the next for weeks accentuates art, music, dreams, dance, intuition and healing. These two highly sensitive signs cozy up together to make the night sweet and heart healthy, Enjoy!

Sunday the 6th
An open heart and mind will be the best way to set the tone for today. With the sensitive and sometimes defensive, Cancer Moon semi-squaring Saturn at 7:15 AM, then conjuncting Jupiter at 4:33 PM, then squaring Uranus at 6:03 PM and finally opposing Pluto at 7:42 PM… we may be in for a bumpy ride.

It doesn’t have to be that way, if we stay conscious and observe all that is being presented. Sudden changes are part of the “Big Picture” ride we are partaking of these days. These changes can be exciting, even exhilarating, as long as we are willing to give up resisting and be more open to the new. Give yourself a break by realizing that it’s not time to see it all clearly and keep looking up. Our reality is being remodeled and upgraded and the results will be ultimately Wonder-full!

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” 
― Albert Einstein


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