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All times are written for EDT

Monday the 7th
We start this week off with a bang with the first quarter square between the sensitive Cancer Moon and the courageous Aries Sun and Mercury’s entrance into fearless Aries. This can motivate us to want to push forward as we dance between the protective feelings of Cancer and the action-oriented momentum of Aries. By 8:34 AM the Moon will square Mars, adding to this challenging chemistry. Watch your communications and realize that insecurities and defensiveness might be driving yours or someone else’s temperament. Stop, breath, think up, then act.
Adding to the fire, Mercury (communications and travel) enters Aries at 11:35 AM where he will clip along until April 24th. (Albert Einstein, Wilbur Wright, Leonardo da Vinci, Charlie Chaplin and Shirley MacLaine were all born with Mercury in Aries.) There is major opportunity to see more clearly and download brilliant new ideas over the next 3 weeks, no matter how big the storm gets.
Mercury in Aries can get aggressive and combative when it’s not focused on a higher truth. So as always, keep adjusting your perspective upward to an elevated vibe. Physical exercise, inventive exploration or starting something new are the best ways to redirect the impatient/driving energy that can rear it’s head when you are not looking.

The Cancer Moon trines Saturn in Scorpio at 2:14 PM and then goes VOC until early tomorrow morning. This long VOC period can really help us to settle down from the earlier turmoil and decipher the beneficial lesson of today and then see how we can implement changes that support a more honest and nurturing foundation. Take it easy tonight 🙂

Tuesday the 8th
We wake up to a Leo Moon beginning at 5:50 AM and the energy shifts from water to more fire. The Leo Moon trines Mercury in Aries (8:56 AM) fueling our thinking with some inspired ideas. The Fiery Moon forms an inconjunct with Venus (11:53 AM) and perhaps a habitual response can be replaced with a more evolved conscious choice.

At 4:04 PM the Aries Sun and retrograde Libra Mars will form an opposition, providing one of the final pieces of the Grand Cross theme that is building. From Earths perspective this alignment of Sun, Earth and Mars happens once every 778 days. For more info > 
Truly this does not have to manifest as aggressive, ego flared, combative energy. Through our own awareness we can choose to remember that there are many different perspectives and everyone has their own version of how they perceive what is real. How about using this energy to see how problems can be solved in partnerships and apply new solutions to tired unproductive patterns. Breathe!
Then at 7:11 PM, the Moon will form an inconjunct with Neptune and we may need to make adjustments to our mood while not feeling very solid about where things stand. Ease up on the throttle and give yourself and others some space to get re-centered. There continues to be a huge opportunity to think from the higher mind where everything looks fresh.
Wednesday the 9th
Early (7:50 AM), the Moon trines Uranus and we may start our day with a pleasant surprise igniting some enthusiasm. This could require adjustments once the Moon awkwardly connects to Pluto at 9:14 AM; we may need to re-access how to balance a power issue. Ask yourself how you can be more empowering to your Self and allow the same for others.
Venus and Mars will present opportunities for more adjustments to be considered in our relationships. Focus on your own authenticity and where you may be compromising that to keep the peace. A relationship cannot work for long when you compromise yourself into a dis-empowered corner. Energies shifts when the Leo Moon sextiles Mars at 6:13 PM and then trines the Aries Sun at 10:28 PM. These aspects speak to a warm and friendly time, when we can relish family and friends and enjoy some much needed harmony. Time for a little play 🙂 Connect.

Thursday the 10th
This is a pretty quiet day astrologically and I think we can agree that we can use one! The Leo Moon squares Saturn as we sleep and then goes VOC all day until she enters Virgo at 6:08 PM.
Inside the long Void, the Leo Moon can be very self focused and it’s a good time to allow yourself some regrouping time to find your inner light. With Saturn involved, make sure that you are not simmering in some fear based sense of limitation, shine your light no matter what the world looks like. Use the Virgo Moon tonight to get some things in order and then rest up for tomorrow!

Friday the 11th
The movement of the Virgo Moon today kicks off a very busy day! She opposes Venus and semi-sextiles Neptune and forms and inconjunct with Mercury before 8 AM. We may feel an overlay of uncertainty is preventing our minds from seeing clearly. It seems as this day is designed to tap us into additional refined training for learning to trust that everything is working out. The Moon’s sextile to Jupiter (5:47 PM) lends some hopeful wisdom to the mix. Ask yourself what you understand that you didn’t before the beginning of this week and let some gratitude flow.
The Sun forms an inconjunct with Saturn at 7:24 PM and we are again finding ourselves needing to choose the high road or the low road, about something we are dealing with. We are adjusting to new thoughts that are of a higher order and how to cooperate with these new thoughts and feelings, so we can integrate them into our physical world.
The grand finally to this day is a Venus/Neptune conjunction (10:23 PM) and our hearts are aligning with our highest vision of what can be. All the clearing has paved the way for this energetic, so we could have room inside our hearts to feel it. This is a very loving, compassionate, artistic union. Let yourself really absorb the magic of this time. We are seeding the future as we shift from an era of fear and greed, to a time of love and trust. We are living, right-smack-dab in the middle of a total paradigm shift.

Saturday the 12th
The energy is still flowing from yesterday and the feminine (allowing) Virgo Moon sextiles Saturn around lunchtime. We are really feeling good about getting focused and efficient. What would you like to build into your life? What does your higher inner voice tell you?
The sweet energy of the Venus /Neptune union continues to feed our hearts with blissful visions. What do you want to dream into being? Let the romance with life carry this day.

Sunday the 13th
The Moon enters Libra at 4:33 AM and forms no aspects until 5:20 PM. We get a chill time for 13 hours! Let all your relationships, including the one with yourself, be appreciated and bask in the peacefulness of this Sunday. Later this evening, be sure and take it easy and choose to see the beauty that is all around us.

“There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.”
― John Lennon

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