This may be hard to wrap yourself around at first, but the new consciousness that delivers anyone who’s ready to the higher realms of our own consciousness sits above you, in particular, like a crown, or a royal robe that is uniquely and distinctly your own. That’s not to say no one else has this capacity, but you, in choosing a Capricorn identity for this lifetime, have chosen to be realized for the royalty you are. You are the Great Divine Director in the 5D realm, the Executive Director in 3/4D. You’re meant to be in charge. You have begun to fully accept this role, and now it’s time to begin creating the world you wish to live in. No more relying on anyone else’s word for direction. No one can do this the way you can.

What kind of world will you create?


Personal readings are offered at the exchange of $150 for 45 minutes or $200 for one hour. The NEW CLIENT rate of exchange is $200 for 45 minutes and $250 for one hour sessions. Half hour sessions are offered at $100, for single, focused questions from established clients only. Relationship readings add $50 for each additional chart. Readings are conducted on the phone and all sessions include an MP3 recording that will be emailed to you as a voice file. Email to set up an appointment.