The truth is when your core issues are up it isn’t so much fun, not until you are on the other side looking back at the experience. It can’t be said enough that the most empowering perspective you can have is that all experience, fun or not, is a catalyst for your awakening. Suffer or wake up, it is your choice. The New Moon opens a window into the depths of your being that will allow you to commune and be present to the greatest authority within you. You may even get to be fully awakened to your divine presence. This is the diamond in the rough you’ve been polishing that has opened reservoirs of Love that are completely changing your life. This new world is shaping up to be your best yet, one where you can be yourself more freely than ever before.

Personal readings are offered at the exchange of $137 for 45 minutes or $150 for one hour. Half hour sessions are offered at $75. Readings are conducted on the phone and all sessions include a recording of the session. Email to set up an appointment.