You’re at a major turning point where things can definitely go either way. You’ve been here a million times, and at the same time, the stakes have never been so high or so real. You know it would be beyond great to fearlessly take the next step or two into your new world, but a gripping, almost paralyzing fear, one you are very familiar with, threatens to stop your progress. Look that fear right in the eye and tell it who’s boss. Give it Love instead of negativity and resistance and it will yield to your greatness and disappear forever. Don’t believe me? Well, there’s only one way to find out if it’s true, isn’t there? What have you got to lose by taking this bold leap forward? Certainly not any ground.

Take the step and it will turn into the momentum you need.

***This guidance column was written by Stephanie Azaria of It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.

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