by Maurice Fernandez

I think many of us are curious about the possible soul connection that may exist between the Cancerian lineage of Diana, to William, and Royal Baby. I have been asked today quite a few times if it is so, so I thought I would share these observations between the charts. I know some of you may find it premature to analyze the chart of a new born in such a way, but I think that we overall can trust good intentions, and learning purposes, wishing the baby well in fulfilling his intended soul journey.
How to begin such a study? There are many compelling factors in the chart that give us clues about the soul history of a person, and then comparing the chart with what may be the reincarnated soul, can add additional perspective on the case.

Note that since we are limited to Facebook format, I will only outline major guidelines and refrain from elaborate analysis.

At first glance, interesting connections exist between Baby and Diana: his Moon on her Saturn, his Venus on her Mars/NN

Diana born with a water grand-trine between Neptune-Chiron-Mercury/Sun and baby born with a water grand-trine between Neptune-Chiron (same)-Mercury-Saturn.
Diana born with a Neptune/Jupiter-Saturn square, Baby born with a Neptune/Jupiter/Saturn grand- trine, and it goes on…

Looking at the baby’s chart, we see the dramatic Full Moon which clearly captures a strong personality, ancestral lineage, powerful female presence (while in a male chart).

But what really makes the hair stands, is the baby being born with an 8th house Mars/Jupiter/Mercury -square Uranus – Opposing Pluto. What is that about? I would say this soul did not die of natural causes in a past life…I would say there is a fighting spirit, activism, defiance and change-making assertions in this configuration. Those who know astrology can easily confirm that Mars/Mercury/Uranus square does also reflect car accidents …since the chart captures our past lives, there is definitely a signature here suggesting such past life scenario. Note that the 8th house component and the Saturn in Scorpio trine certainly capture the mystery and conspiracy theories associated with the death of Diana.

Notice that baby’s Uranus (accident apex) is right on the MC of death chart.

Looking at Diana’s natal chart, you see she was born with Mars/Uranus/Pluto conjunct – so the same group of planets repeated in the baby’s chart through a T-square…and Looking at Diana’s death chart, again an angular Uranus (Jupiter)-Mars square…

Basically the same dramatic configuration describing activism, defiant opinions, and the shock of a life interrupted are repeated in the 3 charts…
I would say, this is food for thought…

Looking at the baby’s Nodal signature (Nodes capture developmental soul dynamics) – you see a south Node in Taurus in the 6th house, ruled by prominently high, angular, Venus in Virgo on Regulus in the 9th house. This reflects to me someone who came from privilege, very skilled and beautiful, graceful and majestic… with eating disorders…Add Neptune opposing that powerful Venus, and you see a movie star aura, chaotic relationship dynamics, and a deep humanitarian heart.

The North Node in the 12th house in Scorpio suggests an evolutionary need to see the naked Truth and refrain from attachment to privileges if a higher cause requires so. That North Node implies diving into the unknown, leaving security behind, and risking danger, taboo, because the inconvenient Truth must be more important than comfort… between the South and North Nodes, Baby will face these dilemmas between the pretty life, the honorable service, versus the uncovering of inconvenient Truths, political intrigues, collective suffering, and living life raw…Sounds familiar?? Yes, it does parallel the dilemma that his own late grandmother experienced…

Baby is born with a late Scorpio rising degree, and ruler Pluto in that famous T-square. Needless to say this soul is not naive and innocent, he will have to see through the appearances.

I believe royal baby will naturally have a beautiful presence, along with anxiety and emotional intensity that result from a dramatic past life. I trust the strong Cancerian parents will provide the right nurturing environment for such a grand, and wounded, soul, and provide the right support system for him to pursue his evolutionary intention: use his privilege, skills, and charisma to courageously face shadows to answer the plight of collective suffering (12th house scorpio NN)
With blessings — with Diane Pizza.