Written by Lori Rafalof

As I understand this…living in a Retrograde Mercury world myself.

While Mercury is retrograde and the mind has slowed down, we have the opportunity to hear what the heart is saying…integrating the duality of mind/heart.
intergrating = in. to. great. ness

The thought process at this time is not how the mind is thinking, but how it is hearing what the heart is saying. The mind must be stilled, quiet, open to hear what the heart is saying, as the heart doesn’t raise it’s voice or yell and shout, it’s quiet and peaceful and knowing.

The void moon is an extra special gift during a Mercury retrograde, especially as this Mercury stations within the void moon energies. In the stillness, you forget what you were thinking from one minute to the next. The space between thoughts is what we Feel.
The God Space.

The void moon acts as the helpful passageway in assisting the feminine allowing, receiving and intuitive aspects of the heart to integrate with themind as it slides out of one archetypal energetic into another. We are being prepared. It’s the final opportunity to bring those energies into our beings while we are balancing the mind heart connection through the retrograde Mercury.

As the moon shifts into the next archetypal sign, we have new energies to integrate related to our feelings and emotions and the inward journey of how we think, communicate and the inner satsang. Are we tapping into the wisdom of the heart?

As the moon moves through the 12 solar archetypes while Mercury is retrograde and in his shadow, we actually also get 12 void moons.
The signs that the moon moves through while Mercury is fully in retrograde will be more prominent in the emotional heart of the collective consciousness.
How we feel when the mind can hear our hearts speak to one another.

Lori Rafalof